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Playing under the influence


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Depends on the situation someone mentioned earlier. Vacation round, scramble round, tourney round or just playing round. I might have 2, 4, 6, or 24 depending on the situation. If I am driving home no more than 4. If I start a round with 3 8's in four holes it's on and I'll sleep in the bed of my pickup. This actually happened in a tourney round earlier this fall. I go on a 4 day golf trip with 12-16 players and its a requirement, unless your the guy driving us around or the guy who typically doesn't drink.  For my skill level doesn't change much until I hit 12 or more drinks. Big fan of hydration as well. I tend to hydrate with pomegranate lemonade vodka with a lime, or something along those lines. If I had to wait for a birdie to have a shot, my flask would never be less than full.  

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Epic GBB driver 10.5 turned down to 9.5 Hzruds 6.5 smoke shaft. 

Titleist U15 1 iron 

Callaway X Hot irons stiff shafts 4-AW, Lost the 3 iron.

Callaway 56 and 58 wedge. 

Odyssey White Ice 355G putter

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