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Testers ANNOUNCED: Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls


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Ft. Lauderdale, FL 


Hey all! I will keep this one short and sweet. About a year ago all I would play was a Bridgestone e6, but have since graduated to the TP5 since it now gives me added benefit with an improved game. 

A good friend only played top flite balls that he would purchase by the gallon, and we would always use the term RockFlite when speaking of them given their terrible feel and flight. He still plays them, which is the best part of it all. Thanks for the opportunity! 

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St. Louis, MO

Pro V1

The first box of brand new balls I ever bought a few years ago when I first picked up the game were Top Flite’s (solely based on price). Now that my game has improved dramatically and I am playing much more often, I have switched to Pro V1; however, I’m in the market to try a new cheaper ‘winter’ ball over the coming months, so I picked up 2 dozen Gamers at Dick’s yesterday after hearing the hype. Excited to give them a go!

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Chelan, WA

currently using Titleist Pro V1 or V1x, along with some Callaway

generally my experience with Top Flite has been good when I've used them

Would love to test for you...my HS golf team would be glad to participate too, though weather is starting to get iffy for testing...


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John.                                             Naples Florida.                            Pro V1x.                                       Used top-flight when I was a very poor college student 20 plus years ago didn't matter what I hit then. Scratch golfer now interested to hit them. 

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21 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted 

The title of this testing opportunity already told you what ball is being tested.  But if it had been a blind test and we were to have listed the following aspects of this ball, how many would have guessed it was for a Top Flite Ball?

  • 3-piece construction blends feel, control and distance. 
  • Dimple in Dimple Aerodynamics help maintain lift to generate maximum carry and distance
  • Soft, Ionomer cover provides elevated greenside control and improved touch
  • DuPont HPF mantle layer positioned between the core and cover reduces long game spin for accuracy
  • Larger, high-speed core construction optimizes lower compression for softer feel and ultimate distance off the tee
  • Combination of the re-engineered core, mantle layer and cover formulation elevates playability

Long gone are the days of being referred to as Top Rock.  The Top Flite Gamer is a surprisingly nice feeling ball with some real get up and go distance.   Don't take our word for it, we want you to test it and report back on it.

How to Apply

In a post below, please provide the following information, but DO NOT QUOTE this post when doing so.

First Name


Current Ball Played

Tell us your past experiences with any Top Flite ball. 



Hernando, FL


played them a long time ago. I remember them being a long ball off the tee. 

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Groves, TX

Pro V1, Snell MTB X

Years ago, I played the T/F D2 Feel and then the Gamer. I thought that, for the price, they were good performers. I eventually moved on to premium balls. I'd be interested in testing to see if my opinion has changed

My current bag:

TM M6 Aldila Rogue (S) 

TM M6 3W Atmos Orange (S)

PXG 0311P/KBS C-Taper Light (S)

Scratch 8620 60*

Guerin Rife 2 Bar

Ogio Convoy SE bag

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First Name   Manny

City/State  Staten Island, NY

Current Ball Played Pro V1x

Tell us your past experiences with any Top Flite ball.  When I first started playing years, Top Flite was the ball I used. It was too confusing back then to figure out compression, no one talked about spin rates, compression, etc,  I put more than a few smiles on a balata ball vs a surlyn covered ball.  Top Flite and maybe a red dot Max fli were the ball of choice for me back then.  Do believe Payne Stewart and Hal Sutton gamed them as well    


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Mick Aniceto

San Antonio, TX

currently using Titleist Tour Soft

i haven’t used Top Flite balls in about 10 years. Looking forward to trying it though if I get picked. 


Callaway Mini Driver 14*
Taylormade M2 4I - 19*

Ping S55 5-P

Cleveland CBX 52* and 58*
Scotty Cameron GoLo 5 

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Annapolis, MD

Maxfli Softfli

Played the Zbalata for a while.

Walker, use Spitzer remote control cart.

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Omaha / NE

Titleist ProV1x

Got a pack of BOMBs and sure, they fly far, but unless you hit towering irons into greens, you'd better bet on the ball releasing every time.

Mizuno MP58 4-PW (std. specs)

Titleist 910D3 (9* stiff)


Omaha, NE

10 HC

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Shannon (male)

Mountain Home, Idaho

Bridgestone e6

Hitting Top Flight golf balls have always felt like hitting rocks.  They were really hard and flew all over the place (couldn't have been my swing that caused that! LOL)

Shannon Wadas

Veteran USAF

MHHS Teacher/Coach

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Srixon Z Star/ Cut DC

I have not played a Top Flight ball in probably 20 years, but can recall they were quite frequently in my bag when I was first getting into the game. 

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First Name: Jim

City/State: Glenview, IL

Current Ball Played: Snell Get Sum

Tell us your past experiences with any Top Flite ball.: have played the previous generations of gamer with good success. would love to see how the version stacks up to previous versions and to my current ball

Driver: Taylor Made M4 w/ Matrix Kujoh

3 Wood: Taylor Made SLDR-S

5 Wood: Adams Tight Lies 16

Hybrids: Taylor Made SLDR-S 3 & 4

Irons: Callaway X20 Tour 5 through Pitch

Wedges: Cleveland CG14 GW, SW, LW

Putter: Odyssey Works 7 Cruiser

All in a Ping Hoofer 2


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Pikeville /Ky.


I played top flight balls when i first started playing I guess I got caught up in thinking a more expensive ball would help me play better instead of more practice and better ball striking  .

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