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First of all, NO, I do not believe I have the skills for muscle back irons.  I've seen ads for Ballistic Golf irons and wedges a few times on Instagram and Facebook, but that's it.  I did a quick search on the forums and I'm going to go ahead and tag @Malakabecause of their WITB post claim that they would talk about them.  Outside of this one user, is anyone else out there gaming these?  

And more importantly, is there anything to their claim of "super playable" muscle backs? 


Driver: Cobra Speedzone 10.5 Mitsubishi AV Blue S flex

Wood: Cobra Bio Cell 3-4 Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue (low launch original version) S flex

Hybrids: Taylormade GAPR 3 KBS graphite shaft

              Strata 4 and 5 hybrids R flex

Irons: Strata 6-PW R flex

Wedges: Texan Classics 52, 56, 60 R flex

Putter: Odyssey Red Ball mallet

Ball: Srixon Q Star Tour

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I know it's been A couple of months since you posted this but I just saw it. I started playing them last summer and they're awesome. I played a Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro irons from 2003-2009ish when I blended them with Hogan Apex blades. I played the Hogan's until 2018 when I decided to go to Titleist 718 AP2s. The AP2s were ok but I never really loved them. I missed the look and feel of the blade. 

When I came across Ballistic I bought the 7 iron demo (it was a fresh head that nobody had hit) and I built the club the way I wanted it. It didn't take long before I knew I was buying them all. 

They feel amazing, in fact, I believe they feel better than my Hogan's ever did. I put KBS Tour V 120X shafts in them and they launch so easy and they never felt punishing. I get excellent shot stopping spin into greens but I never over spun the ball. I play the Pro-V1. Furthermore, when I want the ball to go straight it goes straight and when I want to curve it, oh boy can I curve it. 

I love these irons. If you're on the fence, get the 7 iron and test it out. I've had friends who thought they couldn't hit a blade hit them and loved how they felt. 



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