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Best Post Ruptured Achilles Tendon Workouts and Stretches

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I'm 12 weeks post surgery from a full Achilles Tendon rupture. Physical therapy is going well; finally out of the walking boot and in a shoe with a graduated wedge (5/8" for 2wks, 1/2" for 2wks, 1/4" for 2wks). 4 more weeks until the wedges are gone. I have a good therapist who knows my golf goals. But looking for anyone else who has been through this and the best stretches and strength training once the doctor releases me to go 110%. Thank you in advance. 

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I didn't have such a situation but I'm a fan of basketball and each weekend I and my friends play basketball. And once when I jumped to throw the ball into the basket I damaged my knee. So, I had to stay at home for a month and worked from home, I had a cast on my leg. After that, I also had to visit a chiropractor, to tone up my muscles and body, he helped me a lot. I found him here kosakchiro.com. He even helped me to get rid of the stress and anxiety that I had for many years. I would recommend visiting a chiropractor and therapist at least twice a year to maintain your body and your mind healthy.

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I partially ruptured my Achilles a couple years ago and can say the best thing you can do for an Achilles is to stretch and lift weights. Yoga is a great starting point for stretching. Do everything your physical therapist tells you to do. When it comes to lifting, full-body lifts are the best. I'm talking squats, deadlift, overhead press, etc. I did the Powerlifts 5x5 program the fall after hurting my Achilles and haven't had any issues since. I wouldn't rush anything though as the last thing you want to do is cause another injury. Whenever you start lifting, I recommend starting as light as possible (bar only) and slowly working up from there.

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I have had the same surgery about 10 years ago.  Range of motion is key and also calf strength.  I would focus on range of motion exercises from your physio and do them as much as possible.  Biking on a stationary bike is very good for it post surgery, but start slowly on it. Also you will likely need to go any get scar tissue massaged out.  Sadly it takes 9 months to a year to recover.  

I would say my calf strength came back to about 90% of my left which never got the surgery.  Because I have full range of motion, actually a bit more on my repaired ankle, I have no issues playing golf.  Walking up hills the first year was a bit harder with just a bit of tightness.  

Hopefully you won't notice it at all after 12 months.  Good luck with it.

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Upstream (calves) and downstream (plantar fascia) to release tension around the damaged area. Once cleared by doctors/physio, spending time (30-60s intervals throughout the day) in the very bottom of your squat position is excellent for the hips, knees, and ankle mobility. 

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I had a complete Achilles rupture about 10 years ago. I will echo what others have said. Flexibility and strength are key. Heel raises, cycling etc. Be sure to really focus on the injured side. My calves are still different sizes and shapes.

Good news is that it has not affected my golf game.

Good luck.

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