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Apollo Black Steel anyone...?


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Just looking for a set of shafts to put in some heads. I always liked the black steel look, and have a little extra cash at the moment. However, finding them in component form online seems to be difficult. I'm guessing they don't make them anymore, but I don't know that. There are a couple sets on ebay, but I don't need a full set, just 6, and I don't want to spend a boat load for 8 or 10 shafts when I won't use all of them. So...does anyone know where I can find them now days? I guess pulls are also an option, so I gues they don't need to be new as long as they look good. My FST 125 Pros work well, I just want to try something a little different.

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I'm not sure the quality/performance will be as good as the FST Pros. I use the 115s and they are a great shaft for me. I didn't find the Apollo's to be as accurate, (the stepless) I sprayed them all over. They seemed to be 1 to 2 flexes softer than listed. Maybe the stepped are better. The only Apollo's I liked were the hump shafts.

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