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2020 Official Member Review: Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls

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SuperSoft over the Gamer, huh?


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In my  :wilson_staff_small:  carry bag:
:callaway-small: Big Bertha Mini (the :wilson_staff_small:  D7 is in time out)
:callaway-small:  GBB 3W (lofted to 4W)
:callaway-small: V-Series Heavenwood
:cobra-small: Baffler XL 5i-PW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54*
:ping-small: iWedge 58*
:cleveland-small: #10

Twitter: @russtopherb


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Sand Play,  During my second full round of golf. I dropped a second ball in the sand trap next to the green and one fairway bunker. I got 10 shots on the same ball during the test. Once theball was wa

Next test was on to the Driver. So the claim is that these are longer than the ProV1’s. I went out on to hole #5 and hit six drives. Three Gamer’s and three ProV1’s. I am pretty consistent with my dri

I'll start this testing thread going.  I am pretty much a self-taught golfer and have been playing for about thirty years. I did take some lessons from a scratch golfer when I first started but after

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6 hours ago, DJ Mico said:

I've also struggled hitting the Gamer well off the tee. I think I might be getting in my head that I'm trying to test distance, and then hit it with not much distance. But the few that I have struck well, I don't notice it being any longer than others in my bag (Callaway Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, TP5x, Snell MTB-X), but it also hasn't been way shorter than any of the others

In terms of performance compared to others in the lower price range, I find it performs similar to a Vice Tour and Drive, but it is significantly more durable and much easier to purchase from Dick's/Golf Galaxy instead of online. I've been very satisfied with the Gamer.

Good work, and I look forward to reading your final review in a couple of weeks!

Thanks. I'm getting my final results ready.

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Always chasing different clubs

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@Wedgie @JohnSmalls my numbers on SW full shots with GCquad were negligible. The Gamer flew a little further and higher throughout the bag though and spun a little less. Interesting your numbers were so different! BC we both use a Srixon (yours is the ZStar and mine the XV). 

Brandon Johnson, MBA
Capt (Sep.) US Air Force 

Ohio State Executive Director
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Picked up 4 dozen Gamers today after reading all the MGS reviews. Used the MGS 40% off Discount .

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft BACKUP DRIVER: Cobra F8 w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft  Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3W(14.5*) & 5W(18.5*) w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 3 Hybrid(18*) w/Recoil ES Hybrid(75 GM) regular shaft Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 Bag: Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag(Peacoat Blue).  Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco


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I picked up 4 dozen with the MGS discount code yesterday.  Excited to get them out on the course this weekend weather permitting.  

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:ping-small:   Driver: G410 Plus

:cobra-small:  Fairway Wood:  F8 3 Wood

:callaway-small: Hybrid:  Rogue 3 Hybrid

:callaway-small: Hybrid: Rogue X 5 Hybrid

:callaway-small: Irons:  Rogue 6-PW

:Sub70: Irons:  699 Pros 5-PW

:Sub70: Utility Iron: 699-U 2 Iron

:cleveland-small: Wedges: RTX-4 48/52/56/60 °

:cleveland-small: Putter: Huntington Beach No. 1

:bettinardi-small: Putter: BB8-Wide (2020)

:cameron-small: Putter:  Special Select Newport 2 (2020)

:callaway-small:  Bag: Rogue Staff Bag

:Sub70:  Bag:  Sub70 Staff Bag

:Clicgear:  clicgear 3.5 cart

:Arccos: Caddie System



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Hi again everyone,

It seems like the MyGolfSpy deal for the Gamers was a decent hit! I was at my local Golf Galaxy and saw they were on sale again for 2 for $35, which is still a pretty good deal for what the ball offers. 

I am following up on my initial review by giving my friend's thoughts on the Gamers. He just started golfing at the end of the year in 2020 and only had a few balls when we last played together that he had found in the trees or balls from the range bucket that were not range balls. I believe he had a sleeve of either Wilson Ultras or TaylorMade Distance balls, the last time we played, but I gave him the last 5 Gamers I had to try out and see what he thought.

His first drive got away from him a little, but he said he had never hit a ball that far before. In terms of feel, he said it was the best feeling ball he had used yet. I asked if he felt it was "hard," as that is how my fellow testers described the Gamer, and he said it felt way softer than the balls he usually plays. Even after a mishit or less than ideal contact, he said it still felt soft relative to other balls. He was not thrown off by the dimple design, and he felt more confident in his game by playing a ball that was intended to be more of a discount ball with better performance instead of just being the cheapest ball. Overall, he was satisfied with the Gamers, and I think a perfect representation of who the Gamer fits: someone not worried about their score, but still wants a good ball that will not break the bank when they need a box of balls for a weekend golf outing.

As for me, I have fallen into the lull of playing the Titleist ProV1. had been playing the Z-Star at the recommendation of my golf pro, and really liked everything about it. The only thing I did not like was it felt a little too soft at times, and I felt I was overcompressing the ball on some shots. I did the virtual Titleist golf ball fitting, which I highly recommend. Not the simple selection tool on their site, but the scheduled Zoom call with someone from Titleist to talk about what you look for in a golf ball. After speaking with my representative, we settled on the ProV1, and they mailed me 4 sample balls for free.

After making the switch to ProV1, I have played much more consistently. I believe most of that is more consistent practice and getting a better feel of course management and my game, but I do think a little has been attributed to the ball because it is more predictable in its behavior around the course. While trying to find a ball that would spin more around the green, I wound up playing balls that would launch too high or spin too much and drop my distance. Or, by playing firmer/lower spinning balls to maximize distance, I would hit balls that would not hold the green. The ProV1 may not be the best at any one thing, but it does enough good all around that I am not making a big trade off in any part of my game.

The Gamer is not a ProV1, but it is a ProV1 for those that are new to the game. By that, I mean the Gamer is a good all-around ball. Someone getting into golf and seeing the ProV1 marketed as "The #1 ball in golf" may think that is what they need to not have an awful day on the course. However, they would be better suited playing a Gamer, which is better than the cheap distance balls, and it will be a good all-around ball that won't break their budget and turn them off from golf if they spend $50+ dollars on a dozen ProV1s every week. After playing the Gamer for a while and figuring out their game, then they can move into other balls and find a ball tailored to their game.

Overall, if you are new to the game, the Gamer is my recommendation for the ball to play. If you are looking for a ball to use, give the Gamer a shot because you can see what your game needs to help you play your best.

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Driver: :callaway-small: Mavrik Sub Zero 9º (Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60S)

3 Wood:callaway-small: Mavrik 15° (Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70S)

Hybrid: :callaway-small:Mavrik Pro 3 Hybrid 20° (KBS Tour Prototype 80 S)

Irons 4-PW:titelist-small: T200 (True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT Black S300)

Wedges:mizuno-small: T20 50/7 Satin (bent to 48/5); T20 54/14 Blue Ion (True Temper Tour Issue S400) 

:ping-small: Glide 3.0 Eye2 60/8 (PING Z-Z-115 by Nippon)

Putter:odyssey-small: Toulon Design Stroke Lab Las Vegas with H7 neck

Ball: :titelist-small: ProV1

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I would say even if you aren't new to the game this is still a decent ball. I still had two sleeves left over from testing. I have been playing decent for this early in the season. So this past Sunday I put a sleeve in the bag and decided to see what the ball could do again. Now I will admit I am not aTop Flight fan and that is a carryover from days past. But Sunday the ball performed extremely well again and I shot a 69. The ball was still in good condition at the end of the round and will live to play another round this week.

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:ping-small: Driver, G400 11* SR Flex

:taylormade-small: 3 Wood, SLDR  HL 17*  R Flex

:taylormade-small: 5 Wood, SLDR 19* R Flex

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, F6 22.5* R Flex

:Sub70: Irons, 699 Pro's S Flex (5 - AW)

:Sub70:  JB Wedge 56*

:cleveland-small: Wedge, CBX 60*

:odyssey-small: Putter, Marksman Fang 35"

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