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Head drop backswing?

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Hello everyone,

I have been working with a new instructor for almost three months and we have fixed nearly all of my prominent swing issues. The one that remains is my head likes to drop down and towards the golf ball in the backswing. When I try to not move it, I either top the ball, or move slightly closer and toe the living crap out of it. Has anyone else had this issue, or do you have any tips for keeping the head still without topping or toeing the ball? In this video, I do a decent job, but I toe the ball badly.


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Well, your instructor is your best source for this answer.   Keep working with your instructor.  Your handicap suggests that things are working for you.

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I don’t think the head dropping is something you should worry another as much as the stalling of the hips and throwing of the arms and hand to get to impact. 

But as carlh mentioned if you are working with an instructor letting him fix your head moving up down or any other swing issue.

Getting input from golfers on a forum covid and probably be counterintuitive to what your coach is having you work on

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I'm going to agree with both guys, keep working with your instructor.  If he's not worried about this, why should you worry about it.  Its really rare for those of us (like me, and almost certainly like you) who aren't REALLY knowledgeable about the golf swing to properly diagnose swing faults.  What most of us see are symptoms, rarely can we ever identify a cause.  If your instructor has helped you get to a 4 handicap, and he hasn't identified this head movement as a problem, chances are its not a problem.

So stop it, stop trying to diagnose your own swing video.  Use the video to verify that you're doing the things your instructor is telling you to do, but that's it, don't go looking for more things to fix.

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