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When you need a bogie on 18 to break 80, then have a melt down

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21 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

Not at all, other than the rule for delaying play. 

that’s what i figured, thanks for the input 

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I remember playing my last round of a golf trip in Myrtle Beach at the Legends resort.  I forget which of their courses I was playing (this was over a decade ago), and since it was a big group, I may have been ending up on a front 9.  But on my 17th hole, my dad pointed out that I could break 100 (for the first time ever) if I went maybe bogey bogey.  I remember there being an intimidating looking forced carry.  I popped the driver up, and it did clear the junk, but only landed maybe one or two feet onto the fairway.  Next I remember having maybe 200 into the green.  This was before I carried a hybrid, so my 3w was the only club I would have had a chance with.  I pulled the 3w out, and my dad told me to put it back and hit two irons instead.  In retrospect, that was definitely the smarter call, but I hit the 3w pretty solid, and landed just shy of the green.  I shot 99 and remembered being pretty jazzed about it.  My friend that was riding in the cart with me shot an even 100 that day, but we didn't know until we added his score up in the parking lot.

This past fall I was playing a course where my dad has a house, which is probably the course I play most often.  At that time, my best at this course was probably a 92 or so.  I started off the round with a double, and then my scorecard looked like as many doubles as pars until 15.  I hit a great drive, my second shot was a crazy long hybrid that must have got some cart path or something, because it landed about 30 yards longer than usual just shy of a drop off before a water hazard.  I hit a wedge across the water to the green and then one putted for birdie.  On the next hole I hit another great drive, really long, but it's really downhill.  Another nice wedge and putt and I had another bird.  At this point, I knew I had a better round than usual going, but I didn't think I had a shot at a personal best or anything.  I remember hitting a really nice drive and 9i on 17, but three putting for bogey.  Then on 18, I hit some decent shots, but my approach was crazy.  Maybe 2 feet from the pin from 160 out uphill.  Maybe the best 6i of my life.  I took a picture of my scorecard and uploaded it to The Grint.  After returning the cart, I looked at my phone.  87.  First time I ever broke 90.  I had no idea that was even possible.  Three months later I went out there again and despite starting out with a double double, mostly kept them off the card and ended up shooting 82.  Again, I figured I'd shot a decent round, and possible even broken 90, but it wasn't until I checked The Grint that I found out I'd shot another personal best.

So I've experienced breaking a number both ways.  Knowing it and still doing it, and having no idea it's possible.  I'd definitely recommend the latter.  I have enough to worry about on the golf course.  Playing smart is almost always the better way to go.  I can't even imagine a time that the added pressure of knowing that a milestone is within reach would help most golfers.  Maybe if there is a layup or go for it option, and you're one stroke away from the goal on 18, but I bet most players would break more milestones by not adding up the score until after the round.  In fact, if you can get an app like The Grint that adds it up for you, even better.  Then you hardly have to look at the scorecard at all.

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I was on Harbor Town this Oct. Had a bit of rain on a few holes and ended up with an 81 after all was said and done. Great drive on 18, came up a little short/left on the shot on 18, and it bounced off the embankment and back into into the hazard, got up and down for a bogey. Ok, bad luck. I had taken an extra club to make sure it cleared, but chunked it a little and came up short anyways. 

I hardly ever blame the *over* due to the last hole. There were other shots on the previous 17 that I made a worse mistake, and I find myself looking back on those shots and ... yeah, that's why. I found this really helps take pressure off of *having* to score well on 18 and adding extra pressure on holes where none should really exist. I've had other shots (doubles even) where I've messed up on earlier, and... can't blame my round on just the last hole. All those bigger mistakes happened... back there. Especially since 18 is one of the easiest holes on that course. Maybe next time HT. Maybe next time.

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I’ve been struggling with this barrier since returning to golf 5 months ago after being off for 4 years(filming a YouTube fishing channel). I’m now filming a golf channel and have post numerous 80’s and 81’s. 
I needed par on 18(par 5). Was 125 out for my 3rd, then proceeded to take five more strokes. Sadly, it comes out on video in the morning(Knucklehead Golf- My New Old Course Pt 3,  if anyone is interested). 

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Knucklehead Golf(YouTube)

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