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Bushnell Wingman Anybody?


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I've combed through the forum to see if I could find anything more specific and couldn't find anything.. so here I am asking the group. 

Does anybody have any good/bad experience with the Wingman? I know it's 3 days before Christmas but I'm considering adding this to my list. I currently use a Garmin Vivoactive 3 for my GPS. It's been pretty impressive (for a non-golf specific watch), reasonably accurate, and pretty intuitive and I like that it also tracks my activity stats when I do a walking round. What I've really liked about it is that it detects each swing and marks yardage in-between shots and puts together a report for each round showing my positioning on each hole from tee to green, yardages, stats, etc. I realize the Wingman is probably as much novelty as it is functional GPS but I just want to make sure it's not more novelty and less GPS. 

Here are the questions I have

  • When using the coin remote, does the GPS work from your phone's location, the speaker's location, or the actual coin's location? I'm not big on golfing with my phone in my pocket so if I have to keep my phone on me, that might not be optimal. But if I have to park and walk to my ball, I can't see how the distances would be accurate reading from the cart instead of something on me like a phone or remote. 
  • Are there any distance issues when using the coin remote with the speaker? I ask these questions because in AZ 2 times/yr when over seeding, the courses are cart path only for a good month or so and they're all a little spaced so it's possible to be in the cart path only zone for almost 1-2 months depending on the courses played. If I park the cart and have to walk 20 yds to the ball, will the speaker still be functional? 
  • Are there any interactive features (besides programming to talk $hit to your friends) that work with the app? i.e. yardage, score card, putts, GIR, etc? This is the stuff that I feel I'd miss the most from my VivoActive 3. 
  • Any feedback on the sound. This is the 1 thing I'm seeming to find big positives on around the net. The other function of the speaker would be for family at the pool. Seems like a good design feature that I can just stick it to one of the beams on the pool fence to project over the pool area. 
  • If any of the top 3 concerns are definitely valid, are there any easy compensations that don't require going greatly out of one's way to be more functional? 


Thanks in advance for any info!





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I have one and the speaker is really good and nice that it mounts to the cart. I primarily use it for music and can’t comment on the GPS functions all that much since I don’t really use them. As for the stats, you get access to the Bushnell app and here is what they offer.

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