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Looking for iron advice (tall, new golfer)


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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping the forum can help me figure out the best way to approach my iron selection.  I just started playing in the last 3-4 months but have become obsessed with the game.  I had been playing with 20+ year old beginner set but on a bit of a whim I bought some TRX powerslot irons (4-PW) from Gigagolf.   I am 6'7" so I knew that I needed custom clubs so I got them +1" and 3 degrees upright and I guesstimated my shaft flex.  They were cheap ~$175.00 so I'm not out too much but now I wish I had taken some more time and looked into used options that I could customize (callawaypreowned) or some higher end places like Maltby or Sub70.  I've been taking them to the range a couple times a week and they seem ok but I'm wondering if something else would have been better for me.


I did buy some (50 and 56 degree) TSW forged wedges from maltby and I can hit that 50 degree wedge much more consistently than I can the pitching wedge from gigagolf.  I'm not sure what it is about it but I tend to hit the toe on the gigagolf PW more often than I'd like in comparison with the TSWs.


I'm looking for advice on where to go from here.  Should I play with what I have for 2-3 years, take lessons, and fine tune my game first or should I get fitted first?  


Thanks in advance!

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Try Sub 70. They have quality irons for all skill levels. They will build the clubs to your specs. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what they are because their service is top notch and will do a get the best fit for you. Plus because their prices are lower you can take the money you save and get some lessons which will really help.

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Well many of us on here will start with getting fit. A good fitter can really help you understand what is working best for you from an equipment perspective. Don't worry if you feel you are not good enough, everyone can benefit from getting fit. Even if you don't want to spend full freight on new clubs from the big brands (Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, etc.) Just understanding your specs will be great, such as length and lie. Also what type of irons work.

Most place charge for the fitting and provide the data. This would be great information to then contact a company like Sub70 about to see what they offer as they are still inexpensive DTC brand but between Giga Golf and the major brands. I hope you enjoy the game for many years to come and share your experience with us here. Good luck!

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I am 6 foot 6 inches and have been playing for 15 years and am a 8 handicap. Best thing I did was go to a custom club fitter (Cool Clubs). This is not a cheap option but they will build you a set of clubs that fit your "current" swing pattern. I didn't have much faith in club fitters up until then but they measured my clubs that I had at the time and put me on a launch monitor. They told me my 3 wood was my favorite club because it was the only club I had that even close to what I needed for spin rate, stiffness etc. They were correct my 3 wood was my go to club at the time. Customs fit clubs lowered my handicap by 2. I think a lot of that has to do with confidence knowing my clubs fit better.

Golf is game of continual improvement, always work on a better swing and short game.

I played baseball for many years with guys who would pay $700+ for a baseball bat that did not fix there terrible swing.

Keep playing. Us tall guys are rare on the golf course.

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Would agree with anyone here saying going to get fitted vs. guessing. Do research and look up local places that have great reviews. Ask people you know that have been fitted and had a good experience. I found a local place and going through their reviews saw the same name over and over for good reviews. He was a little more expensive but the way I think about it if I'm paying $100 to get fitted and then playing once a week over the next 5 years, that's $0.38 per round to play with the right equipment. Well worth it. And those guys get better reviews for a reason. I went for iron fitting with an idea of what I wanted and he didn't try to push anything else once he confirmed that would work for me, we got through in just over 30 minutes instead of the hour so he gave me the $50 fitting fee that rolled into the purchase that day, so essentially free. 

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I went to a lot of demo days to get an idea of my specs, and then got fitted at TrueSpec (i posted a full review).  I am 6'4 and not 6'7 but I was VERY pleased with the info I got from the TrueSpec fitting, and most of the demo day fittings.  I then bought a set of irons that i liked the looks of from Maltby (after reading lots of reviews and blogs) for about $350 (1 inch longer, 1 up) and love them.  I am waiting on my new driver whenever the Callaway B21 comes off of back-order.   Get fitted from a reputable place, and try things out...you will be able to feel the difference and you won't have to spend thousands (unless you want to).  I went the custom route because i wanted new clubs with new grips and I figured it would be hard to find anything used in my exact specs.


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60 degree wedge: Maltby Glider

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