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what ball and driver combo do you use

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I'm a Taylormade SIM and TP5 or TP5 Pix guy.  Switched to them full time this year and loving the combo / results.  Perfect mix of distance and spin for control. 

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Driver: TSi3 9* :titelist-small:

3 Wood:  TS2 14* :titelist-small:

Hybrid:  Ping 425 17* and Ping 410 22* (interchangeable with 4 iron depending on conditions)  :ping-small:

Irons:  JPX 921 Tour 4-GW :mizuno-small:

Wedges:  Jaws 54 Wedge, Jaws 58 Hi-Toe :callaway-small:

Putter:  Scotty Cameron Newport 2 :scotty-cameron-1:

Ball:  Pro-V1 and Pro-V1x :titelist-small:

:ping-small: Hoofer - St. Judes Special Edition Bag 

Bushnell Range Finder (Patriot Pack) V-5 w/ Slope

*King of taking (borrowing) all my club ***** friends clubs after they've discarded them after a couple months! 🤣


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Honma TR20 460 driver head, Titleist Pro V1X yellow ball.

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Driver: :cobra-small: King F9 Speedback/:callaway-small:Epic Max LS, Xphlexxx Busa 2 Liquid, XX stiff, 45”

Fwy:  :callaway-small: Epic Speed 4w, MMT 80X

Hybrid: :callaway-small: X2 Hot Pro, 20*, Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 105X

Irons: :honma:TR20 Tour P 4-10, :Nippon: Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Wedges: :edel-golf-1: SMS 50D/54V/58D:Nippon:Modus 130 stiff, +1”

Putter:  :edel-golf-1: EAS 1.0

All but putter have Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate midsize built to oversize +1

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Taylormade M2 Driver and Snell MTB Black golf ball.  Love the combination.

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image.png.365ecfabe4e9be8ea1c03828a564915b.png Radspeed XB 10.5 degree driver

image.png.365ecfabe4e9be8ea1c03828a564915b.png F8 3-4 wood

image.png.365ecfabe4e9be8ea1c03828a564915b.png f8 3 Hybrid

:taylormade-small: M2 4 Hybrid or image.png.5094bf65d200d3ff7ef5ed059993dfb4.png 939 4 Hybrid

image.png.5094bf65d200d3ff7ef5ed059993dfb4.png 699 Pro Irons 5-AW

:callaway-small: PM Grind 56 degree wedge

image.png.54e3a14834d702cebb79391e4a1d3cd4.png ER5 black putter

image.png.4b0b02ad8e8b5d2d1ad43556a88f23f3.png ProV1x left dash

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Fitted into Titleist 915D3 driver. Now playing the Srixon Z-Star ball.

Take Dead Aim

Take Dead Aim

Driver: PXG 0211 10.5* 

Fairway: Titleist 917 F3 15*

Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro Boxer Gold 18*

Irons: Titleist 714CB 4-PW

Wedges: Vokey SM5 & SM6 50/54/58

Putter: SeeMore X2 Costa del Mar

Ball: Srixon Z-Star

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I play a ProV1X because of the control it provides on and around the greens, and you know you are getting a quality ball with each one you pull out of the box. I like my ball to stop right where I hit it with my short irons, no excessive bounces forward or spin backwards. I therefore have to build my driver setup around a high spin ball, which I’m currently in the process of. Right now I’m leaning towards a SIM Max adjusted to 8.5 degrees and a Fujikura Speeder TR in a 661X. Has the right combination of feel in the shaft for my swing, and I launch ProV1X around 12 degrees with 2000RPMs. My swing speed hovers around 111-112 with max velocity swings around 116-117 when I need to reach for another gear. 

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Stats: 5'4", Male, R-Handed, Moderate Tempo, Driver SS 115mph

Driver: Taylormade SiM Max 9*, TM Ventus Blue 6X
3w/5w: Callaway X-Hot, S-flex Fubuki shafts
3h: Tour Edge EXS Pro, Smoke Black 80g 6.0
4i-PW: Mizuno MP-4, DG S300
Wedges: Titleist SM7
56* Wedge: Callaway Jaws w/ 12* of bounce

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Cobra F9 and Bridgestone B XS (sometimes the RX). The B X can sometimes knuckle ball with the lower spin on high toe hits. 

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:cobra-small: F9 Driver 9*

:cobra-small: Baffler hybrids some combo of 2H-5H

:callaway-small: APEX CF19 6-AW

:ping-small: G700 4i, Glide 2.0 54, 58*

:edel-golf-1: EAS 2.0

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Titleist TS3 / Pro V1X

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Driver & Fairway: Titleist TSi2 9  - Ventus Black 6S & TS3 15 - Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0 

Hybrid: Titleist 818H2 - Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0

Irons: Mizuno JPX921 Forged - Nippon Modus 120

Wedges: Vokey SM8 54, and 60

Putter: Cameron Phantom  X 5

Ball: Pro V1

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Calloway Rogue Subzero with a Graphite Design YS-Six XS, hitting Snell MTB, either Black or X.  I use the X when greens get really firm and I want more short iron spin.

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:titelist-small: Irons Titleist AP2 714, KBS Tour S, 3 flat

:callaway-small: Rogue SubZero, GD YS-Six X

:vokey-small: 52, 56, and 60 wedges

:ping-small: B60 G5i putter

Right handed

Reston, Virginia

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I play the Callaway XR16 9.0° with a Project X LZ shaft (probably 'made for') and my favorite ball is the Titleist AVX, but I am Gaming anything from the Bridgestone RX to Pro V1x and ProV1 based solely on playing the ball I Find. I find more ProVs than anything else. A TM TP5x is also a great ball for my driver. 

Golf is simple - people are complicated.

5w Taylormade SLDR S 19* - 220yd, Ping G2 5-U - 190-105, Maltby M+ 54* & MG 60* - 95-75, Evnroll ER8, Titleist 816 H1 4h 21*, Maltby 4 Hybrid Iron 24* - 210-200, Callaway XR16 8* - 235 carry


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I play a Callaway Super Hot ball usually.

The driver is a 9.5° Callaway Epic Flash SZ.

Shaft is a Tensei White x flex ( made for???) stock shaft.

My swing speed is only 106, but this combo works great for me.

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Always chasing different clubs

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Ping G410 Plus / Snell MTB-X

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Modern Bag: :Sub70:  849 Pro 9*, Hazrdous Smoke S Flex;   :titelist-small:  915F 3w, Diamana S+ 70 S flex;  Snake Eyes 15*, & 23* Hybrids; :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Forged 5 - PW, PX LZ 6.0;  :cleveland-small: Tour Action 49*, 53*, 57*; PX LZ 6.5 ;  :ping-small: Ancient Anser or Heppler Fetch (depends on the week);  Ball - :Snell: MTB-Black; Bag - :1590477705_SunMountain: H2NO 

Shot Scope H4, MG600 Rangefinder

Classic Bag:  Driver - :wilson_staff_small: Persimmon; 3w - :Hogan: Speed Slot; 5w - :wilson_staff_small: Tour Block; 3 - pw - :wilson_staff_small: Dynapower; sw - Ram Tom Watson;  putter - bullseye standard or flange.

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Callaway Rogue 10.5 (dialed down to 9.5) with Snell MTB-Blacks.

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  • Callaway Rogue 10.5° & 3W
  • Mizuno CLK 3H 19°, JPX900 Forged 4-GW, S18 56.10, S18 60.06
  • Evnroll ER5B Fit@TrueSpec ER2
  • Maxfli Tour Snell MTB-Black
  • Ping Pioneer - MGI Zip Navigator AT
  • Payntr X 002 LE, Adidas Codechaos, FJ DryJoys
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1 hour ago, silver & black said:

I use a black driver with a white ball.

Me too!!!!

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Golf is simple - people are complicated.

5w Taylormade SLDR S 19* - 220yd, Ping G2 5-U - 190-105, Maltby M+ 54* & MG 60* - 95-75, Evnroll ER8, Titleist 816 H1 4h 21*, Maltby 4 Hybrid Iron 24* - 210-200, Callaway XR16 8* - 235 carry


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On 12/30/2020 at 9:33 AM, Mrf@0000843 said:

i currently use a tayormade m4 12 degree set at upright with either calaway superhot yellow or a titleist tour speed both have mid hight and plenty of distance and 80% straight down the fairway. i may try a ball with a diffrent spin to see what happens.

Tommy Armour Atomic and Vice Pro Plus.

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"I suppose its better to be a master of 7 than to be vaguely familiar with 14." - Chick Evans

Whats in my Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag?

Woods: Tommy Armour Atomic 10.5* 

Hybrid: Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 3H

Irons: Mizuno T-Zoid True 5, 7 and 9-irons

Wedge: Mizuno S18 54* and Top Flite chipper

Putter: Mizuno Bettinardi A-02

Ball: Maxfli Tour X

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