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Ping G425 Fairway/Hybrids

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I just finished reading the MGS article regarding the new Ping G425 fairway woods and I have to say I think they look CLEAN!  I have been in the market for a new 3 wood now for a couple of years and I have hit the older Ping and Cobra models and liked them both, however the looking down at them from the top I just couldn't get over how distracting they looked from the top.  I hated the turbulators.    Oddly enough I used to own, and loved the Callaway XR16 driver (first club with turbulators), but they were small.  I feel like Ping just put too many on top.  The new look of the G425 is very pleasing to look at.  I like the simplicity and the matte look with the dots.  Am I the only one that can't stand the look of turbulators?  

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I think PING really does not care. They have a long history of making fugly clubs that perform. Turbulators were not well received on any product line, but they kept making them because they added something to the performance. And it seems like G400/G410 sells were pretty good. And now, they are sort of the expectation. After initially not liking the way they look myself, I dont even notice on my 410 driver anymore. And when I demoed the 425 hybrids and 5 wood it almost seemed like something was off. They didnt look like PING clubs at address.

But they are onto something in this line. 425 max fairway feels fantastic and is hard to not hit high and straight. cant wait to get my hands on the driver. 




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I have a 410 driver and 3 wood, and I love how the turbulators frame the ball. I also love the matte black finish: no glare on sunny days. Personally it could’ve been bright pink and purple and I still would’ve bought it, the numbers were that good for me!

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1 hour ago, Micah T said:

I have a 410 driver and 3 wood, and I love how the turbulators frame the ball. I also love the matte black finish: no glare on sunny days. Personally it could’ve been bright pink and purple and I still would’ve bought it, the numbers were that good for me!

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I think Ping did the turbulators the right way. In contrast i look at a club like the Wilson D300 driver and think the random-looking, scattered spike pattern is definitely distracting. 


As you said, Ping did smooth, organized turbulators that frame the ball well and pull your eye to the center line of the driver. And given the matte head, the head is far less distracting than other drivers without turbulators but that have polished, reflective tops. 

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The turbulaters are a little ugly for about the first 3 holes. After that I never paid any attention to them. 

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It's a differentiating factor, that's for sure. 

I'd have to agree, however, with some of the other comments that have been made.  They do frame the ball extremely well and ultimately you really don't see them that much once you put the club down behind the ball.  They just become second nature, so to speak.  

That said, I would also echo the comment made about Ping in a sense about their caring. I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing.  What PING does better than MOST OEM's is stay true to their vision and mission.  They make clubs that are intended to allow individuals to "play their best."  They aren't pretty, they aren't the smoothest feeling clubs, they aren't the best forgings, and they certainly aren't the envy of every premier player on tour.  BUT.... What they are is effective utilitarian tools that allow a user to hit effective golf shots and score their best.  

As PING moves forward there are a lot of people that say hey I wish they would make something that feels like a Mizuno or a Miura from a forging perspective for irons and or a SIM / Maverick for a driver.  Trust me, I went into the Mizuno pond a bit back because of the feels for my irons and rode the wave of SIM mania.  I think they're definitely headed the direction or making more visually appealing irons and woods in the long run.  But with the Drivers and fairways I think they're really starting to hit another gear!  The G400 was an amazing driver that was revered by every level of player, even with the turbulators.  The 410 was even more forgiving and straighter (Distance is relative anymore only to marrying up the right shaft cause the heads wont yield much more than they have distance wise) than almost anything on the market.  This 425, however, is absolutely AMAZING! The Max model is already on order and has outclassed my SIM by a long shot!  Feels, playability and forgiveness is flat out crazy good!  

I'd definitely say no one will make a bad selection if they decide to go with a PING product!  That's for sure. 

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