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I don't know if this is the right place in the forum but best place I found. If not then I guess we can just move the thread.

I am looking at a Utility Iron and right now on the SIM UDI 3 iron. Reason is that I want a safe club to hit from tee and get really comfortable with it. My average score 2020 was 77 and fairway hits only 46%  so really need to step it up from tee. I do hit my 5-wood really well but it's quite hard to keep it low and get that penetrated flight (Live in windy south Sweden 🙂 ) which I guess I would get from a utility iron. 

Current setup - Do you think a 3-iron utility with a stiff shaft is a good choice and replace the 3 iron? (I recently went from 50,54,58 wedges to 52,58 to be able to add a 3-iron)

Attached current setup with all lofts,


Skärmavbild 2021-01-23 kl. 08.48.43.png

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With your current setup I’d look at the 3 iron and 5 wood and determine which one meets your needs more and then drop whichever one you rely on less. 

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I would look to swap it for the 3 iron, as long as you find the utility more forgiving than the 3 iron. 

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