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Best club fitter in Southern California, L.A. area?


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Looking for any recommendations for club fitters in the area. Been going back and forth whether to see one or not. Took a break from the game, but getting serious again and my clubs are 10+ yrs old. Any help would be appreciated.

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Affordable...the Bunker Golf Center in Ventura 

Pricey...TrueSpec Beverly Hills

If someone has a quality hidden gem I’d love to hear who!

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I’ve been curious about this as well, which is what brought me to this forum. I’ve been lurking a couple weeks and have enjoyed the quality of discussion, so I made my account today. 

Upon my Internet research, some had recommended Plaza Golf in Torrence. Supposedly if you purchase a club through them, your fitting cost is included with the purchase. I don’t have any first hand experience or spoken with any others that have used them, but their online rep for a mom and pop shop seemed decent. Anyone have experience with Plaza golf? Is their availability on shafts outside the OEM limited to try? How would it compare to the bunker in Ventura? Any info people willing to share will be appreciated. Thank you! 

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On 11/20/2021 at 11:06 AM, Fingle said:

Hi y’all, did you end up going with Plaza Golf or another local fitter? I’m looking to get some new irons and am looking for someone in the LA area too. 

I drove up to Agoura and went a to a Club Champion.  Kit was fantastic.  I didn't end up purchasing through them because the prices were more than I could afford....   But the fit was excellent and I've since rebuilt my clubs (old heads) with the new shaft and it's working pretty much like the data from the fit showed it would.  He threw in a wedge fitting for me at the end of the irons as well.

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