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taylormade original shafts

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bought 2016 tailormade m2 irons great clubs by the way. now I'm attempting to change the 88 shaft to a 100 gm shaft. Well I pulled the 4 and 5 iron heads off. They came off easily but as I looked down the hosel I noticed what looks like a plastic plug at the bottom that fits up into the tip of the shaft. It didn't come out with the shaft after heat and pulling the shaft. Is this item supposed to be there or can it be removed as I don't want to ruin the clubhead. It doesn't look like a tip weight as its not brass or lead but possibly plastic. and i may need to tip weight the clubs but not sure yet. i have pulled many other heads and have not seen this piece before. any ideas. Thankyou 

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It's probably the plastic tip covers (sometimes blue?) that TM uses to prevent epoxy going up the shaft during assembly. You could probably blast it out with a bit of torch heat and dig it out with a sharp point, or drill it out cold if you have .370" hosel (probably).

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