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damn @Lacassem @PMookie...it’s getting really dusty in here 

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7 hours ago, Shapotomous said:

The risk of burnout / injury derailing the chase is probably equal to the chance of achievement.  I saw that with my niece & her group in competitive gymnastics.  There are 100's of thousands of kids in similarly focused training for many sports and activities.  Many get to at least a college scholarship level and I wonder if the $$ spent on the specialized training and camps is less or more than the scholarships??!!  My experience with a dance focused kid and estimating the $$ involved with everything, that payout was slightly less than the scholarship $$'s in our case.

Good points!!

Then, of course, there's always the Lori Loughlin [non-] achievement model for those parents whose kids don't have the real juice.... (kidding kidding kidding)

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38 minutes ago, Chip Strokes said:

damn @Lacassem @PMookie...it’s getting really dusty in here 

Seem so many parents push way to hard. Was lucky enough to have parents that pushed when I needed it but let me pave my own way at the same time. My son is not Going to be a team sports kid, he enjoyed baseball especially just going into the backyard and hitting but the whole going and playing wasn’t for him, I know a bunch of parents that would have kept pushing.

but here’s a tissue if ya need it 


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Great discussion and perspectives all!  We don't have children and I often feel odd man out in these discussions.  The example with Ryan Sefrioui is all pretty foreign to me just using my own upbringing as a reference point.  I just kind of shook my head and muttered "RU kidding me".  Part of me was fascinated and part of me shocked.  I can only imagine the social, "keep up with the Jones's" pressure many parents feel in todays environment. 

8 hours ago, PMookie said:

This makes me think about current timing with Covid... How many talented young people are missing out on scholarships right now because Covid canceled their seasons? I never would’ve played college basketball had it not been for my senior season in HS.

How many guys/girls are missing out on scholarships, tournament invites/qualifying right now, and won’t get their chance because Covid hit at the wrong time for them.

As they say, “Timing is everything.”

Good point.  And, arguably more important than sports, are the life long memories being missed; homecomings, attending games, proms, band, etc.  These simply cannot be replaced 😕.

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