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Strategic club swapping in the top end of your bag?

Do you swap anything in/out on the top end of your bag?  

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  1. 1. Do you swap anything in/out on the top end of your bag?

    • Yes. I have multiple clubs of the same loft that I will strategically swap in/out
    • No. My set is my set and it's what I use all of the time
    • Huh? dude, what are you talking about?
    • Hmmmm.... that's a good idea. I might try that.

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14 hours ago, revkev said:

This is one were I thought I was being so smart - I had my winter top end and my summer top end - winter, 5 iron, hybrid, hybrid, 3 wood - summer 5 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 3 wood - just brilliant.


Until I got on a launch monitor and had ARCOSS demonstrate how absolutely inept I was with every single one of those clubs - instead I now game 9 w, 7 w, 5 w - the gapping is perfect, I hit 5 w just as far as 3 w only with the proper trajectory and height.  Before I'd eye ball 185, hit 4 hybrid and almost always be hole high somewhere around the green - tack man revealed that I was carrying it 160 and it was rolling out to around 182.  I carry 7 wood 178 and it rolls out to 185.


I think it's worth considering changes at the top of the bag based on course conditions but you should carefully consider whether or not you are getting bang for the buck when you change.  If you're new here you might consider reading the Ping long game gapping thread from two years ago.  It was an eye opener for all of us.

Well said as SOP for you anyhow. Yep us older guys we do not have the SS anymore to elevate a 3 wood and we are better off with a 5 wood or a higher lofted what I call a 4 wood @ 16*. Yep it took me a long time to turn back the man card and admit it but it is true. I have really learned it in the last year or so with my injury. You have known me a long time on here and would you ever think you would see me with CBs and graphite shafts plus a Gap wedge in the bag? Yep my Signature is a long departure from what it used to be. Oh when I heal up again I will play the old stuff some for kicks and giggles. But at this stage I had to change or quit because it had became a painful struggle to try to play.

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