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Arccos Caddie Link vs AppleWatch

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Hi everyone! I'm new here so I hope I'm putting this question in the correct area of the forum. 

I'm going to start using Arccos this season and I'm having difficulty finding reviews for using an AppleWatch for tracking as opposed to their Caddie Link accessory. Is the AppleWatch functionality both stable and equally usable; or should I buy a Caddie Link even though I already wear an AppleWatch 6? To be clear: Personally, my priority is a good user experience, and is far more important than saving money. 


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Buy the link. Unless they have fixed it the watch causes nothing but problems. 

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I've had two issues with Apple Watch and Arccos that had an easy remedy:

  • If you have a watch cover, take it off during the round. Mine blocked the watch from reading the sensor on shots and missed a bunch of shots on the front nine. I took off the cover and it picked up every shot on the back nine. 
  • Always take your putter to the green, even if you hole out to record a putt. If you chip in, go to your app and change it there. If the app and sensors don't pick up a putt, then it will keep you on that hole as it thinks you never finished out. Now, I will say I had this issue without the apple watch so I think it's an Arccos app issue more so than an Apple watch issue. I played one round without a sensor on a new SS grip...that was a complete cluster and I wouldn't blame that on the watch. 

I have an Apple Watch Series 6 w/o GPS/Cellular. If you do not have the GPS/Cellular watch, I will say that it won't record a shot in the exact spot if you are far away from your phone. Nothing a little edit can handle but overall it works great. I have had 10 rounds recorded with my apple watch and arccos and I really only had major issues on two rounds due to the two mentioned problems that I fixed going forward. Read the instructions on starting the round properly and you should be good to go. 


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I'll be interested to see this year since last year the Apple Watch was only beta.  Now they have fully released it, so it may be working better.

I got a series 5 for Christmas, so I'm interested to get it into use.


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