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Nippon NS Pro steel shafts

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Ok I have another question for all of you golfers out there. 

I've heard that the Nippon made the lightest steel shafts in the market, their lightest steel shafts might be to lightest for me at 55 grams. (Zelos)

So I wondering what are the differences in the launch and weights on:


NS PRO 950 T


From what I can gather the NS PRO 950GH is the newest one and has a mid-launch 

I went to their website and they have so many NS PRO Shafts which just made me more confused.

I am planning to get the TM P770 once the price goes down with some NIPPON Steel shafts. Definitely need some feedback which shafts would fit me. I currently have a rifle shafts 5.5 but I want something lighter so I can get some club head speed also I am 42 yo but definitely will slow down as I get older. Lastly, I tend to hit the ball high so I lose some distance, looking to keep it lower launch angle mid to high or even a mid launch.


I used to coach The First Tee of San Francisco

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