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Does anyone here use Jumbo/Oversize grips? I just tried them and have some insights and questions

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I just ordered some (15) JumboMax Ultralight Medium grips to try out. I've played mid size grips and standard grips with two wraps predominately but I'm also in a tinkering mood as well as experiencing some arthritis in the hands. I was originally planning on trying out some Winn oversize Dri-Tacs but decided to just go with the jumbo max's. I'm hoping for the increased consistency a lot of people claim as well as a more comfortable grip. Fingers crossed that this doesn't end up as an expensive experiment...

OP, as to your lack of feeling I've read a lot of reviews about that sensation with the Winn grips. You could probably alleviate that if you went with something like a Jumbo Tour velvet or a similar oversize rubber grip...

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