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Callaway Rogue X irons: how good are they?

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Just have a simple question! I am a senior 78 years old!  And with a slow swing speed of well below 80MPH. I am thinking of getting a set of Callaway Rogue X irons 8-9-PW. I am looking at these irons in a light graphite shaft. Be interested in hearing from those who have used the Callaway Rogue X irons and your thoughts!  Thanks

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I just started golfing so it might not be much, but I also have the Rogue X irons and I thought I could give you some information. I swing around 80 ~ 85mph and using regular steel shafts. These irons tend to go about a full club higher, I noticed because my contact swings sent the ball much further than what I expected. And i realized the lofts are really different in these compared to my dads, I figured it out when I looked up the product specs and PW loft is at 41°. As a beginner I have no issues with the Rogue X, they really help me get the ball in the air and gives me the extra distance I can't get because my slower swing speed and overall early development swings.

Callaway Rogue 10.5°, Apex UW 17°

Taylormade SiM2 Rescue 4 Hybrid 22°

Mizuno Pro 225 5 ~ PW, GW Nippon Modus 3 105 R

Vokey SM8 54°, 58°

White Hot OG #1 Stroke Lab Putter

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Hi sosuHands, Thanks for the reply. I am 78 and been playing golf for a long time.  And even now, I try to play every single day I can. I play to around a 12 handicap, but also play the up tees as my drives go only around 170 yards. I was thinking the Rogue X would help. I had been playing the Wilson Staff C200 irons in regular steel shafts and wanted to get back to using lighter graphite shafts. I also play left handed. The only actually irons I play are 8-9-PW-Gap, and sand wedges. All the rest, excepting my driver are all hybrids 3 through 7. And yes I noticed the Rogue X PW was only 41 degrees. My previous PW was I believe 44 degrees. So I am guessing the Rogue X PW will give me more distance. I did read where the Rogue X gets more distance than the Rogue. On Ebay, I made an offer of $140 including free shipping for the 8-9-PW in lite graphite shafts. I am hoping the seller bites! Thanks much for your reply as it was most helpful! 

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