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2021 Titleist Hybrid 14 stand bag (unofficial review)


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This started out to be a review of the OGIO Woode bag as there was a separate thread started here that really intrigued me.


The OGIO bag looked great and had some new modern design features that appeared would be just what I was looking for. Having used 14-way bags for the past 10+ years, the Woode was definitely a venture into the unknown for me with a more open-top concept. After a couple rounds however, I just realized that the OGIO Woode bag just wasn't for me. Anybody interested in knowing the details, just feel free to DM me or ask on the thread and I'll share my experience.

So the OGIO went back to the store and in return, I ended up ordering the Titleist Hybrid 14. This was noted as the MGS "Hybrid" bag OTY among the stand bags. Unfortunately the selection was extremely limited at Golf Galaxy so I had to order it and wait it out. After a few agonizing days of waiting, the bag arrived. I've actually had it for a couple of weeks and was finally able to get it out yesterday for it's maiden voyage.



Here are the criteria that I plan to review and point system.

Design/Functionality - 30 pts

Build quality/Materials - 20 pts

Looks - 20 pts

Innovation - 10 pts

Keep/Return - 10 pts


Design/Functionality - 26/30

This will be the more in-depth part of the review so bear with me.

To be completely up front and honest, there's nothing really game-changing about the H-14. But I think that's what I was looking for all along. In a game that already involves so much complexity just to play it, why overcomplicate it further with something like a golf bag? I will add though that Titleist did include some nice subtle touches where it matters.

One of the things that I actually really liked about the OGIO Woode was the vertical configuration of the woods down the right side of the bag and the horizontal placement of the irons. I had made a comment that I really wish that they made a 14 slot bag with the same setup. Well unbeknownst to me at the time, there was such a bag and that happened to be the Titleist Hybrid 14. Well you could probably do that with a lot of bags TBH but the configuration seems nearly identical to the Woode.

OGIO Woode configuration



Pockets all seem to be placed in the right spots with just enough room for plenty of stuff to be stored. The zippers all seem to glide and open very smoothly with no "special angle required" to get them open. The concept of the "hybrid" is to have the light-weight use of a stand bag but with the accessibility and carrying capacity of a cart bag and I think Titleist did a great job.

There are 2 pockets in the front. The pocket on the top appears to be insulated and probably big enough to hold 2-3 cans of whatever or 2 large bottles of Gatorade. I bring a 64 oz Thermoflask to the course so I don't have a need for the cooler pocket. The cooler pocket does however hold PLENTY of balls. Another subtle but effective feature is that being that this appears to be an insulated pocket, it could also be the perfect place to store your leather gloves between rounds and will help prevent them from drying out.



The lower pocket is probably bigger than most. I don't carry a lot on the course so I'm not sure I'll ever come close to utilizing this to it's full potential. A nice feature though is that the front pocket does break away in the event you need to add a patch or have some fancy embroidery done. Come to think of it.. would be a great spot for an MGS patch if such a thing existed... 


The valuable pocket is a vertical zipper. I've only had diagonal zippers on other bags so the verdict is still somewhat out on this. It definitely wouldn't be a "deal breaker". I do however like the zipper lock function and that the pocket has a waterproof zipper. Like all other valuable pockets, this one is fleece lined to keep your stuff well-protected.

The strap-through passage works flawlessly. This allowed the bag to stay snugly in place the entire round without requiring any readjusting. 



Will the real Hybrid-14 please stand up!? I'm very happy to report that it does! A very important criteria point for a stand bag is that it must stand as well vertically on its own as it does with the support of the legs. Titleist appeared to place some decent emphasis on this design feature as they placed 4 round base pads to help keep the bag stable when standing. For me this is a must being that I don't have room in my garage to store the bag laid out on the legs.



Now for the most important matter.. the 14-way slots. Being that this is probably the most important selling point, Titleist did their diligence and put some really good thought into how this piece was designed.


The openings are plenty big for at least standard and mid-size grips. The linings of each divider are individually sealed all the way down and just open at the very bottom.


Another subtle but nice and hidden function is the inner access zipper located inside the garment compartment. This allows access to the inside bottom of the bag in the event that you drop any items down the dividers like tees, ball markers, sunglasses, car keys, etc. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it really sucks! So this is a very convenient feature.


You can see from the photo, I've got my clubs configured very similarly to how the OGIO was laid out but with individual dividers. Additionally, the double slot works perfectly for me because I happen to carry 2 56° wedges. Long story sort, in AZ it's good to keep a "desert" club handy. I happen to like my 56° to get up and over stuff and back into play. This leaves an empty slot for my alignment sticks.


Another big plus is the abundance of handles and "grabby" pieces. The main pick up handle is made of rubber but is pretty stout and quite ergonomic and is supported by a bottom grab flap that is pretty easy to find when hoisting the bag in and out of the car. There are 3 soft plastic lift handles built into the top and even the top side of the leg stand is very handy to grab onto. No matter which angle you approach the bag, there's always something sturdy to grab onto with both hands.




Lastly, and this might be the only knock on functionality, but the carry straps seem a little on the thin side and the cross brace is all sewn in so there's no 4-way adjuster that some carry bags have. That said, I'm not planning to carry the bag while walking and will strap it to a push cart for my monthly walking round so this isn't really a big issue for me.



Build quality/Materials - 18/20 pts


The outer material appears thick and durable. It seems like a pretty good quality nylon canvas. It would have been nicer to see some rip-stop used but overall I think it will hold up just fine.



The sleeves for the dividers seem extra thick and durable and I'm hopeful that they won't wear out over time. Also, the thickness of the divider sleeves seems to be helpful in directing the clubs in and out of the bag without catching as can be an issue with these bags.

The top material is a nylon mesh that I've seen on other bags that had proven to be quite durable. 


All of the stitching appears to be very good quality and very durable. Double stitching seems to be done anywhere stitching is required so that just gives good feelings about quality.

Handles are all made of pretty rugged (for golf anyway) material that don't give any concerns about snapping or breaking down over time. The OGIO top side handle appeared a tad flimsy for my liking and I feel MUCH better with these.

The legs are made of thick high-grade aluminum so while helping to reduce weight, they are very sturdy. Also, you can see that they did a good job hiding a lot of the leg triggering mechanism. Pressure required to eject the legs isn't too much but definitely requires some and I haven't found the legs popping out unnecessarily. 



Looks - 20/20 pts

Dare I say, this is a very "handsome" looking bag? It's not overly busy and overloaded with tech, graphics, or tacky details. I would say that the OGIO was just nearing the limit of being too busy. There appear to be plenty of color ways for most tastes. 2 of my favorite colors, grey and Royal blue just happened to be paired together and I'm glad that I had the patience to wait a few extra days since they didn't have this in the store. Overall this isn't a bag that demands attention.. but definitely gets it.


There really isn't much to say about the looks as they just speak for themselves. It's a clean, subtle look that I just really like and fits my taste perfectly.


Innovation - 6/10


I really didn't give this portion much weighting in the point system. Honestly there isn't anything specifically "game-changing" about any of the design features, it's a golf bag. After spending a couple of rounds with a bag that was attempting to be highly innovative (OGIO Woode), I just concluded that I really didn't need a bag like that. I would just say that the Titleist H-14 is perfect for what it is, and whatever attempts were made to be innovative, were done thoughtfully and well.. and on somewhat of a sophisticated, James Bond-like fashion.


Keep/Return - 10/10 points

This one's a keeper!


Total: 80/90 pts


FYI, I plan to provide more info once I get the bag loaded on a push cart for a walking round. More pics and details to come. 






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Thanks for posting this! Since the Woode is going back for me too this has moved up the list!

When the bag is standing, so the dividers still work well or can they get grabby? I was never a big fan of the “collapsing base” bags because of that. But since I’m mostly pushcart or riding I guess it’s less of an issue for me now.

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5 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

Thanks for posting this! Since the Woode is going back for me too this has moved up the list!

When the bag is standing, so the dividers still work well or can they get grabby? I was never a big fan of the “collapsing base” bags because of that. But since I’m mostly pushcart or riding I guess it’s less of an issue for me now.

I'll try to do a more thorough test on this. When I had it at the range before my round on Saturday I didn't notice any hanging up at all. 

This and the push cart test will be next on the list and I'll update the review 🙂 

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Good review.

I had the 2020 model but got rid of it because of annoying flaws that made it a PITA for regular use. The biggest one is the useless rain cover wich is a faff to try and put on during a round. The drinks pocket fills up with water when it rains too. The carry straps aren't great and the leg separation means it's an awkward fit in most popular push carts.

Not sure if the 2021 model brings anything extra to the table...?

But if you like Titleist - it's an OK bag.

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Great in-depth review thank you! Funny enough I had the same exact Ogio and returned it. I had a wood-e from 2003 that I just loved, it had a putter well up top..digging up an image now.  This was my favorite bag but the clip that holds the connections to the stand that trigger it finally broke so it was time to get a new bag, conventional wisdom would say try the new version of the bag that lasted almost 20 years. The bag was ok, the fact that they got rid of the putter well really sucks, and what was worse for me was the stand itself, I had to fight to get it engaged, and when engaged it never felt like it went out far enough, so the bag always felt like it was going to tip over. 

I am now down to this bag that you reviewed or the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 I LOVE the black and red of the Titelist and it’s in the lead for me right now, but there are two concerns I have: one you stated, the straps, I will probably carry 50-60% of the time, and the other for me is I have seen multiple reports of issues with the clips that hold the straps breaking, apparently this was an issue on the last version too. I’d love to hear input on that if anyone has any. 

Anyway, thank you very much for the review, it’s very helpful!



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