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Testers Announced (4) MOTOCADDY Electric Cart

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  1. Walter
  2. Warrensburg, Mo.
  3. Yes: 4-5 rounds per week (summer), 2-3 (winter)
  4. Yes: Bat Caddy X3

Callaway Epic Speed + Mitsubishi MMT

TaylorMade SIM Titanium + Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue

Titleist U510 20* + Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic

Mizuno 919 Forged + Paderson Kinetixx TS-I

Cleveland CBX2 54*, Vokey SM8 58*

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

Pro V1

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I live in Carlsbad CA which I call the Mecca of golf because a lot of major golf  companies headquarters are based here such as Taylor Made, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, etc. The weather allow us to gold Hera round and we literally have over 100 courses in San Diego county. During Covid 19 I walked a lot of courses and many of them very hilly which gets you very tired pushing the hand card. This will provide me with an opportunity to test your cart on many different courses with many elevations. Additionally, the weather allows me to play all year long. I am a middle age person which should fit your demographic. Finally, I will provide great feedback.  

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From Detroit, MI

I walk every round that I play. This can be up to 5 times a week depending on my schedule. 

I do not have any pull cart now. I am a broke college student who spends all his money just to get out on the course so testing this Motocaddy would be a game changer for me. 

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17 hours ago, BIG STU said:

Hey I like that---Thanks

Everything is opportunity and we should be looking out for each other, sharing what we love and promoting our favorite game!  Besides, would be a great reason to swing down 6 states to the south.

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2022 Official Tester - L.A.B.Putters  1578345221_L.A.B.Golflogo30.jpg.0cb89de95b28f0ebddcff53b59a16f08.jpg

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Wilmington, Delaware 

Walk all rounds

I use a push cart; Bat Caddy x4 Sport Caddy w/12v 35ah

Scratch handicap

Edited by kevlev456
forgot to mention handicap

GBB EPIC 9 degree stiff shaft.

Ping Answer Irons 4-PW

Vokey 60 and 54 degree wedges

PXG 50 degree wedge

Triple Tac Putter

Srixon Z F38 13 degree stiff shaft

Ping G25 hybrid 17 degree stiff shaft

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First name  WOJCIECH 

City & State SEYMOUR, CT

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds YES, save me some $ for cart fees

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one YES, Bag boy EZ walk push cart

That's it. We'll be selecting the testers in the next 7 to 10 days.  So check back here to see if you have been chosen.

have never done a test and would love this as I was literally looking at buying one, would be a good experience.

par none

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Manassas Va. 

If it's 18 I ride mostly.  On 9 I will walk 50% of the time.

Bought a used Sun Mountain one a few years ago.

Fat guy trying to get thin, willing to walk 18 but not carry for 18.  Perfect tester...

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Cincinnati, Ohio 

I walk the vast majority of my rounds and play a fair amount. Currently I am playing roughly 2-3 rounds a week. 

The push cart I am currently using is the Caddytek CaddyLite V3 push cart 

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college student from Poughkeepsie ny

Walk 90 percent if not more of my rounds, walking at least twice a week

I carry on occasion, but I also have a cheap old push cart that I use the majority of the time

i will definitely put this thing to good use at least a few times per week

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college student from Poughkeepsie ny

playing 2-3 rounds per week and walking nearly every round

carry some rounds but also use an only beat up push cart the majority of the time.

really want to upgrade my pushcart because I love walking the course and would definitely put this thing to good use

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If nothing else is accomplished, based on 2,300 replies,  MotoCaddy just got some interesting market research and insight into potential demand...

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Walking ahead of my BagBoy QuadXL w Alphard eWheels
Driver: Callaway Mavrik SubZero 9* Neutral w stock Evenflow Riptide R flex shaft
3W  Titelist TS2 15* Draw w Tensei Blue R flex
3H, 4H Cobra One Length F9 Speedback hybrids (1”short) w Fujikura Atmos R flex shaft
5I-GW Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length (1”short, 2* flat) KBS 90 R flex shafts
56, 60 Cobra King MIM One Length Black (1” short) KBS HiRev2.0 125 S flex shafts
ER7  or Scotty Futura X - 35”

OnCore Elixr (lemon or lime)

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