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Testers Announced (4) MOTOCADDY Electric Cart

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Count me in! My Clic Gear is going on  ten!

Walk 90% of the time.

Tucson, AZ



Ping G400 driver

Srixon Z F65 3 Wood

Callaway Rogue 3 Hybrid (19 deg)

Srixon Z585 Irons 4-P

Cleveland CG10 GW (48)

Cleveland RTX 3 (54 and 58)

Ping Anser 4 (stainless)

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Minneapolis, MN

I walk 90% of rounds and play once/week.

Right now I carry, but I am thinking about getting a pushcart.

I’m also a writer and can give you a clean, detailed write-up ;)

1W:  Ping G410 LST Tensei AV Raw Orange S

3W: Ping G410 Tensei AV Raw Orange X

1i: PXG 0311, MMT S

4H: Ping G410, Evenflow Black X

4-W: PXG 0211 Gen 1, Elevate Tour S

GW, SW: 50, 55 PXG 0311 Forged, Elevate Tour S


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Sacramento, California

Use the old V1 Speed cart for 9 holes. Since I am 68 I use golf cart for 18 hole rounds

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Name: Jon Gunnison

City/State:  Pinehurst, NC

Currently pushing a cart.  Push carts have just recently been approved at all Pinehurst courses where I belong. I’ve seen a few powered carts only. Clic Gear being one of them.  The push carts provided at Pinehurst are Sun Mountain.  I use the push carts about 75% of the time.  I play 20-22 rounds a month.

More and more Members are using push carts since the Club started to allow them. Powered carts are approved but I’ve only seen a handful so far.  Pinehurst has discussed providing powered push carts but no decision has been made.  Members are encouraged and can bring there own carts.

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Hello. I use a sun mountain micro cart. I use the push cart most of the time but I have never had a motorized cart. I play about 50 to 70 times a year mostly around Baton Rouge Louisiana but I go on golf trips a few times a year. I bounce around to several different courses a month and soon I will be going to the Smoky Mountains where I plan to plan several rounds. I have been in the market for a high quality cart and the Motocaddy brand always interested me. I would love to test and review this cart at all the different courses I play. Thank you.


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19 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

 Testers Wanted (4)

When the pandemic hit last year, lots of things changed in golf. Courses were closed for a while, then they reopened with restrictions. One of those restrictions involved cart use. Either courses prohibited two people--not from the same household--from sharing a golf cart, or people just felt more comfortable not sitting a foot from a total stranger for the better part of four to five hours. So many golfers took to foot, as in walking for their rounds.

Motocaddy_M7 Blog Pic.jpg

The result created a demand like never seen before in push carts, with many companies selling out of them by May. Another area that had huge success was the electric push carts segment.  After all, given the choice would you rather:

A: Carry a 25-pound bag for all five miles
B: Push that 25-pound bag for all five miles
C: Just, you know, walk for all five miles

Ask about anyone, and  nearly all reasonably non-maniacal types would pick C.

That's where MOTOCADDY and it's M5 & M7 series comes in. 

According to staff writer, John Barba, "using the remote-control Motocaddy M7 is like having R2D2 as your caddie."

But we want to know what our readers think. We are looking for current walkers/push cart users, who are open to trying an electric push cart. We are looking for both men and women testers, that reside in the US.  

We want you to test/review and keep the MOTOCADDY and let our membership know what you think. 

MotoCaddy Pic.jpg


How to Apply

In A Post Below List the following Information

First name 

City & State

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one

That's it. We'll be selecting the testers in the next 7 to 10 days.  So check back here to see if you have been chosen.





Baldwinsville, NY

I walk using a Clicgear 3.5+ pushcart 

Ping CB-P226 Hoofer Cart Bag

Ping G400 Max 10.5° w/Ping Alta CB

PXG 0341 3 wood 15° w/Project X Even Flow Blue

PXG 0211 19° Hybrid w/Project X Even Flow Riptide 

Ping G410 Crossover 23° w/Mitsubishi Tensei Blue

PXG 0211 5 - GW w/True Temper Elevate 95

Callaway MD3 54°/12° S Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Callaway MD3 58°/09° W Grind w/True Temper Dynamic Gold

Evnroll ER11v 34”  Evnroll ER11v Official Review

Shot Scope Pro LX+ Pro LX+ Official Review

Kirkland Signature v2.0

Clicgear 3.5+

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Boca Raton FL

Walk mostly in winter time so about 40% of my rounds. I would walk in summer with an electric cart!

Current Cart CaddyTek Explorer 4

Bag: Sun Mountain 4.5 14 way

Driver: Ping G425 LST 9 deg (set to 7.5 deg/"big minus") Mitsubishi C6 Blue Stiff 55g Grip JumboMax Ultralite X-Small

3W: Ping G410 14.5 deg (Set to 13.5 deg) Mitsubishi C6 Blue Stiff 65g Grip JumboMax Ultralite X-Small

Hybrids: 19 deg (Set to 18) and 22 (set to 21) deg Ping G410 hybrid Mitsubishi C6 Black Stiff 80g Grip JumboMax Ultralite X-Small

Irons: 5-PW Irons PXG 0211 KBS C Taper Tour 120 Stiff -0.25" Grip JumboMax Ultralite X-Small

Wedges: 50-07 S-grind, 54-08 D-grind and 58-12 deg D-grind Mizuno T22 Denim Copper Grip JumboMax Ultralite X-Small

Putter:  PXG Gen2 Spitfire Armlock 37.5" SuperStroke Flatso 3.0 17"

Game Ball: New Gamer Maxfli Tour CG 

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Papillion, Nebraska 

I am a high school and soon to be college golfer so I walk 95% of my rounds and am constantly walking during my practice as well. 
I never really use a push cart but I had a crappy one a couple years ago until it broke. 

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I currently walk 95% of my rounds and I own a Bat Caddy X3R that I use for all my walking rounds. I play twice a week. Been looking at a few different carts now and Motocaddy is one of them. 

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Atlanta GA


About 100 of 146 last year. About 75% of this year

CaddyTek CP 1 S-8

Driver/3-wood: Ping G410 LST

Irons: G410 Power Spec w/ Project X 6.0

Wedges: Ping Glide 2.0 w/ Project X LZ

Putter: Nicklaus from a trash can years ago w/ a regrip (will only let myself buy a new one when I break 80🙃)

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First name... Julian

City & State... White City, Oregon

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds... Yes

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one... Clicgear

Callaway Epic

Callaway 3&5 Deep

Adams XTD TI 3&4

Mizuno JPX 919 pro

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I discovered that carrying a bag is a big disadvantage, when I was much younger the fatigue factor is huge later in rounds.  Leads to bad form and off-line shots.  

As a sixty-three year old with a hip replacement, walking the course(s) is required exercise.  Any powered cart would gain my favor, (possible bias warning) I am accustomed to experimentation.  Used to do club repair as work.  I foresee the biggest differences to be on hilly courses and planning your approaches to any side-hill lies to be more tricky.  Do the motors have enough power, do the braking methods hold - without dumping your bag.  

If I could afford, and justify the costs, I would buy one today.  Which brand and model are the best value?  I look forward to knowing to answer.  If I am part of the testing, of not.

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