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Testers Announced (4) MOTOCADDY Electric Cart

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Chicago, IL

I started walking the majority of my rounds last season when courses couldn't give out carts, and never stopped. I walk unless a course doesn't allow it. 

I have a BagBoy pull cart and a Caddytek CaddyLight EZ V8 push cart. I pretty much exclusively use the push cart, or will carry if I'm only playing 9 at a local shorter course. 


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6 minutes ago, Vladimir Punto said:

I am 68 years old and I walk approximately 80% of the time. I normally play at least 3 times a week weather permitting. I look forward to getting the opportunity to test one of the Motocaddy carts. I am the only one without an electric push cart in my foursome.

First Name: Vladimir

City & State: East Meadow, NY

Push Cart : Big Max Blade


  1. Driver - XXiO 9.5*
  2. 3Wood - Cobra Baffler 
  3. 5Wood - Cobra Baffler 
  4. Hybrid - Ping G10 24*
  5. Irons - 6 - PW  XXiO Ten
  6. GW - Edel 52*
  7. SW/LW - Edel 58*
  8. Putter - Dick dela Cruz CP1
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Taunton, Massachusetts

I walk all of my rounds.

I currently use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart.

I would be willing to vigorously test and evaluate this product.  Thank you for the opportunity. 

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Jake from Marquette Michigan. I am a golf course superintendent and walk 100% of my rounds. I would really like to test to see if there are any potential turf quality issues that arise from the product! The stamp of approval from a gcs would go a long way! We hate ride on carts, anything that can get more golfers walking is greatly welcomed!!!!

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I’m interested in trying this cart out.  I own CaddyTrek cart and mine can handle any situation without flipping over.  The “following mode”  is not real good and would like to compare the one you want us to test.
Brad Ferrini

Modesto, Ca

i walk all the time with my CaddyTrek

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Joe - Michigan 
Currently rarely walk. Definitely would be interested in exploring and testing  this option to see how this solution might change my mind. I am a golf tech lover and always get poked by the older guys in my league about the “gadgets” I have in my bag. They are always interested and curious for all the nonsense they give me. This would blow their collective minds!

Play in a weekday league plus a regular weekend group on different courses in my area. Cold weather climate so I would be testing in various conditions including potential cold, mud, rain, humidity and bright sunshine. Play a variety of terrain as well. Thanks for considering me!

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My wife and I would love to test the Motocaddy!  We often play 9 holes after work and usually walk to better enjoy the evening (plus get some much needed exercise!). I carry my Sunday bag and she pushes her Bag Boy.   BTW, if selected, we would be a team- she uses the Motocaddy and I would write the review!

Just love golf!

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First name  - John

City & State - Denver, CO

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds - Yes, I resorted to riding a cart a few years ago due to a bad knee (since replaced) after carrying my clubs for 35+ years and really missed it. after knee replaced I started walking again and even got my wife to join me in walking the course, she now prefers that to riding in a cart

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one - Clicgear 4.0

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