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Testers Announced (4) MOTOCADDY Electric Cart

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On 3/19/2021 at 1:29 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

 Testers Wanted (4)

When the pandemic hit last year, lots of things changed in golf. Courses were closed for a while, then they reopened with restrictions. One of those restrictions involved cart use. Either courses prohibited two people--not from the same household--from sharing a golf cart, or people just felt more comfortable not sitting a foot from a total stranger for the better part of four to five hours. So many golfers took to foot, as in walking for their rounds.

Motocaddy_M7 Blog Pic.jpg

The result created a demand like never seen before in push carts, with many companies selling out of them by May. Another area that had huge success was the electric push carts segment.  After all, given the choice would you rather:

A: Carry a 25-pound bag for all five miles
B: Push that 25-pound bag for all five miles
C: Just, you know, walk for all five miles

Ask about anyone, and  nearly all reasonably non-maniacal types would pick C.

That's where MOTOCADDY and it's M5 & M7 series comes in. 

According to staff writer, John Barba, "using the remote-control Motocaddy M7 is like having R2D2 as your caddie."

But we want to know what our readers think. We are looking for current walkers/push cart users, who are open to trying an electric push cart. We are looking for both men and women testers, that reside in the US.  

We want you to test/review and keep the MOTOCADDY and let our membership know what you think. 

MotoCaddy Pic.jpg


How to Apply

In A Post Below List the following Information

First name 

City & State

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one

That's it. We'll be selecting the testers in the next 7 to 10 days.  So check back here to see if you have been chosen.





Salt Lake City, Utah 

Walk every round, unless I must take a cart. 

Clicgear 3.5

Always wanted an electric push cart, but had a hard time justifying the purchase. Love all your work.

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Stamford, CT home course is Sterling Farms (nice inclines 😉)

Currently have the Clicgear 3.0.  I probably push 80% of the time and carry 20% of the time.  Have always been interested in the power carts like these.

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Hello mygolfspys!  Just got the email expressing a need for testers of the Motocaddy M5 and M7.  I can't tell you how appropriate is was when I found that email.  I am a 51 year old Cincinnati, Ohio native, and have been playing for more than 40 years.  However, this season is different.  On Halloween I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I was in the path of a 40 foot tree that decided it could not remain standing and sustained pretty substantial injuries.  They included 26 broken ribs, 4 fractured vertebrae and more contusions and lacerations to enumerate.  After an extended ICU stay, major surgery, loss of employment, and a rib cage now plated in titanium, I am on my way back to playing golf again.  My doctor has advocated as much as I can play as an integral part of my physical therapy.  Enough about that....

I would absolutely love to test a motorized cart and return to the game we all love.  I was, as a young man and youth caddy, a committed walker of the golf course (I own a 30 year old Wilson pull cart).  I was a highly skilled golfer.  Additionally, it has always been my opinion that you will always play your best golf when you walk the course.  You are able to better experience the conditions of play, and implement that knowledge each time you strike the ball.  Problem is that at 51, and recovering from serious injury, I am beginning to feel the discomfort and fatigue of pulling or carrying my equipment.  I see this as a great opportunity to return to the game....the way the game was intended to be played.


Driver, Fairways, Hybrids:  Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 8.5 Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei Blue 65, 70

Irons:  Callaway X Forged '18 Project X 6.0

Wedges:  Callaway JAWS MD5 Tour Issue S200

Putter:  Original Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum

Grips:  Golf Pride MCC Align Midsize 62gm

Bag:  Callaway Epic Flash Mini Staff 

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This would be for my 7 year old, Atlas! I carry his bag most times he plays, but we can’t afford a push cart yet but someday. Usually when he practices, I don’t play for that reason, but I want him to chase his dreams. He’s playing in the UA Junior Tour soon and I have been looking all over for used ones online. If he had one, I would be fun walks with dad throughout the week, as I could carry mine and he would use this. 

Jacksonville, FL

Practice 4 days a week, Tournaments 1 day. 


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Dade City, Florida 

I did walk prior to having Leukemia, after Bone Marrow Transplant have been unable to push my hand cart for awhile round so can’t walk at this time. 

Have a Sun Mountain Speed Cart

I’m in the process of picking out new clubs, due to recent illness and age 69 I have lost 25 yds on distance 

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Tallahassee, FL

Starting to walk more often.  Walking an average of 3 out of the 8 rounds I play a month.  Would like to get that above 50%.  Currently I use a Sun Mountain Speed Cart v2.


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Clarksville IN

I walk 100 % of the time last year I played 229 rounds.

I used a clicgear till it broke dor the third time. Currently using a caddytek four wheel.  I would love a remote golf cart.

Callaway mavrik pro irons. Play almost everyday.

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name : Mitch

City & State: Barrington, IL

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: no, but I would if I had this!

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Clicgear 2.0


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Zach Rusch

Live in Clearwater, FL

I currently carry my bag and walk majority of my rounds. 

Don't use a bag cart due to not knowing what to use.

Zach Rusch

TSI 2 Driver

Northwestern 5 Wood

Tommy Armour 845 Irons from 5-9

Pitching Wedge an AP2

Vokey Wedges 50*, 56*, 64*

TM Spider Tour

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Wheaton. Illinois

I walk most of the time. 90° days can't do walking and carrying a bag. 

I do not use a push cart now. I have a super lite bag but can't carry a lot in it. The trade off. I would love to test your product. 




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Hello MyGolfSpy! Interesting this is an opportunity. I am in the market for a self propelled walking cart. I will buy one before the end of the summer. I have been meaning to message y'all about reviewing these products. 

I am eager to support you and test carts. 

First name - Michael

City & State - Suffolk Virginia

Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds - I walk every round unless the temp is over 95. This year I have 12 round under my belt and play at least once a week

Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one - I do own a Big Max Blade push cart. 

What do I want in a self propelled cart?  I want a cart that will follow our match ahead of me WITHOUT me having to push buttons on a remote. Why would I want to play a video game while I golf?  

I recognize that one of the criteria for selection is comments on your thread. I am not one to just comment blindly. If I have Value to add, sure. Most of the time though I can't but objective quality evidence and wouldn't want to add randomness to such good reviews. That said, I can promise you quality review and reporting. Pros and cons 

Hope to join the team!

Michael Z

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