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Hello everyone, I am looking to fill a gap in the upper end of my bag and looking for optimal numbers for a 2 iron (17-18 degree). 

They have been hard to come by in terms of demos but attached is my ballpark numbers with the sim udi. Launch to low? Spin to high? 

projector was a little off, sorry about the tough numbers to read. 


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If we could see your swingspeed and peak height/decent angle, it might give a better picture of exactly how 'optimal' those numbers are. If you're not looking to hit it any further, (or dare we say a specific yardage) then the numbers cease to be optimal - here's why:

'Optimal' launch metrics are for one purpose only - to hit the greatest possible distance with a given swing speed and loft. That's it. If you're looking to hit a specific yardage, or control the ball flight, then 'optimal' is not going to win that battle. 'Talent' does - or the abitly to finesse the shot to make the yardage you want regardless of ground conditions and weather conditions. The longer the club, the harder it becomes to hit a 'specific' yardage with any level of accuracy.

For what its worth (being a long time user of a 2-iron myself) I don't really think there is much more to add. If I were hitting low bullets at 252yards, I'd take that all day long if you play a windy links. The main factor is - where does it fill a perceived 'gap'?

The  modern 2-iron (especially in the sub-18 degree range) isn't really reknowned a reliable go-to club for a specific yardage, so exactly what 'gap' it fills is open to opinion. From various lies and longer grass, there are better options out there to achieve the same result. Off the tee and better (ie perfect) lies, it can be a reliable fairway finder and wind beater, but if you're looking to hit a repeatable yardage +/- 10 yards or so from anywhere where a 250 yard shot is required, then you either need to be a pro-level ball striker or you need to have a reality check with it's place in your bag.

Long story short, the launch and spin figures are pretty much irrelevant if the ball flight fits the desired result. It's certainly good to hit your given distance off the tee, but don't expect to hit and hold any green with those spin and launch numbers. As a viable option for a low shot on a tight fairway where the resulting approach shot isn't compromised - it makes sense (as was the case with my 2-iron use on specific courses). Anywhere else - I guess you could always putt with it.

My 2 cents.

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Depends what you are looking to use it as.  Just off the tee? Something you can hit and hope to hold greens with?

In my :mizuno-small: BR-D4 Stand Bag

:ping-small: G410 LST 9* VA Nemesys 65X
:ping-small: G410 LST 14.5* Tour AD DI 7X
:titelist-small: 818 H2 20* Tour AD DI 85X
:mizuno-small: MP20 HMB 4 Tour AD 95X
:mizuno-small: JPX 919 Tour 5-PW Oban CT 115 X(-)
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50F - 54S - 59D
:titelist-small: ProV1
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I think the optimal 2i numbers are 2 shelves up on the garage, and a 5w happily in that spot 😃

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Driver:   :taylormade-small: SIM2 Max 12° - Accra TZ6 M4

FW Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 17.5° - Fujikura Pro

Utility:    :cobra-small: King Forged 20.5° Utility - Catalyst X

Irons:   image.png.cbfb2d938ea45d82004d9bdeb23cf643.pngD7 Forged GW-5i - Recoils

Wedges:   :callaway-small:  Mac Daddy Forged 52° , 56°

Putter:   :taylormade-small: MySpider X

Cart: image.png.5aa5e9b8c0d6e08a2b12be76a06a07ca.pngOnewheel XR+




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I have a 2i that people on another site say it’s so good it should be illiegal if you want it

Driver: :callaway-small: Epic Flash SZ with Tensei Orange Pro S (1" tipped) at 44.5"

2H: :callaway-small: Super Hybrid with Tensei Orange Pro Hyb 80 Stiff 

3H: :Sub70: 939X UST proforce V2 black F3 hybrid soft stepped XStiff UPRT setting 

4-AW: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg  0211  with KBS Tour Stiff 2.5* up 1/4" long Unofficial Review

Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore Tour Rack 54/full and 58/mid (review here)  (Backup 54*,60*: :ping-small:  S Tour KBS Tour Stiff 3* up)

Putter: :taylormade-small: Corza Ghost 35" ( Benched :odyssey-small: Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab  34") Soon to be testing TAIII Impact #2 Putter

Ball: :Snell:MTB-X




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