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Rypstick Speed Training

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On 9/18/2021 at 8:40 PM, edingc said:

I'm usually not going "full tilt" right away when warming up with the Rypstick and treat it as more of a dynamic warmup. I still enjoy some static/lightly dynamic stretching, but tend to relegate that to before lifting weights now. If my goal is to swing a golf club, my warmup is going to be swinging a golf club. 

I tend to do most of my Rypstick work at night when I'm sufficiently loose from the day's activities and can go harder then. So far, so good.

I agree with this 100%!

I have started taking bands with me to the course and doing a "light workout" before I hit the range and it has completely changed the "on-course" adjustment I have always suffered from where it takes me about 3 holes to get going. 

I have been doing my rypstick training right after my round when I am the most tired and I have picked up 8 mph of clubhead speed, which is nice because now what I feel is a stock swing/swinging easy, is still 112-115 with my driver. 

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What radar is everyone using? Gonna getting into speed training and want something dependable that won’t break the bank. I don’t need a launch monitor unless that would be the most dependable 

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6 hours ago, rbsiedsc said:

What radar is everyone using? Gonna getting into speed training and want something dependable that won’t break the bank. I don’t need a launch monitor unless that would be the most dependable 

I have the Sports Sensors one that SuperSpeed originally packaged with their sticks a few years back. I think the PRGR is the most popular option now, certainly better than the Sports Sensors one if you want more reliable numbers on the range. 

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Is anyone open to selling their Rypstick system? Now that my bag is complete and I'm committed to my current setup, I'm ready to dive into the speed training system. 

I've got the Swing Caddie SC200 and my driver practice swing without a golf ball is in the 103-105 range ... and yet most of the times (say 6 out of 10) when I'm setup behind a golfball, it drops down to 96-98 range, and I'm getting frustrated with that. An interesting thing I've read is the need for us to train our brains to trust ourselves to swing hard, and these speed training systems do exactly that. However, when it comes to my irons, it's a non-issue and my swing speed is the same with or without a golf. 

Anyhow, if you're looking to part with your Rypstick, I'd be interested. 

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