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New Level 902 Irons


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Is anyone here have a set of the 902 Forged Irons from NEW LEVEL GOLF? They look really nice and definitely will improve my game, since my Mp 32 are like 10 + years old.

I want to buy a set since they dont charge any extra cost like big store names do. It is just wholesale. Also I want to support small golf club companies trying to break through. I do not know any pros using their clubs, but from their specs and what myspy mentioned, they look like a bargain. They also have a 30 day guaranteed but with a 20% cut.

So I want to know if anyone in here have good experience with their clubs and their service.

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I used to coach The First Tee of San Francisco

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I had them make up an iron for me to demo when they first opened.  I ended up going in another direction but the customer service was excellent.  You can find some reviews of the 902s on line.  Just GTS (google that s**t).

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14 of the following:

Ping G425 Max

Callaway Epic Max 5 wood

Cobra F9 Speedback 7/8 wood set at 23.5 degrees

Callaway Epic Max 11 wood

PXG 0311P Gen. 3  6-GW

PXG 0211 5-GW

PXG 0211 sand wedge bent to 53 degrees

Maltby M Series+ 54 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 58 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 60 degree

Evnroll ER2

Ping Sigma 2 Anser

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I’ve hit them a few times and one of my high schoolers and his dad (based on seeing them in my Twitter feed) both play them and love them.

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:wilson_staff_small:  Cortex w/MGS Motore X F1 7X tipped 1"

:wilson_staff_small: F5 17 degree hybrid w/Rogue Black 85X

:wilson_staff_small:C300 Forged 3-5 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V6 5-6 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Blade 7-PW w/C-Taper 130X

:cleveland-small: RTX4 52, 56, 60 w/S400 Tour Issue


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I just received my 4-W a few days ago.  I had ordered with no grips because I was waiting on some Grip Master grips that I wanted to install.  I finally got around to doweling and installing the grips yesterday morning and was looking forward to a long day at the range but of course it rained all day long and is starting out raining off/on again this morning.

Here's all I can say so far with only living room chipping at this point:

 - Service:  Service is outstanding.  I used the website Chat function to ask a few initial questions to get an idea of what was available and I got near immediate responses to each question.  Several days later I went ahead ordered a 902 4-6, 623  7-W blended set.  I sent a message asking how to blend the lofts and Eric (the owner) asked if he could call me to discuss - you aren't getting that treatment from many other OEMs (I've heard Sub70 is also very good and the owner very accessible).  That was the first thing that stood out to me, not only did he personally want to assist, come to find out it was him who I'd been communicating with on the online Chats.  We had about a 1/2 phone conversation where I told him what I'm coming from (2019 TM P770), what I liked about them, and what I was looking for out of a new set.  Since one thing I was looking for was a more penetrating flight he immediately said I should go all 902 - the 623, although being "blades" do flight the ball higher with more spin than the 902s so not a good fit for me based on what I wanted.  He said PF2 would also be an option, but not as "forgiving" as the 902, so we went that route.  We then went through shaft selection, loft and lie by pretty much each club.  I wanted something other than standard black ferrules and it wasn't a problem to send them to send them what I wanted and they would install.  Club heads were on backorder from the forging/milling factory so I knew it would be a wait, but received several communications during the process giving updates.

 - Cost:  They are in the ballpark with any of the other DTC brands and constantly run 10-15% off sales (I used the March Madness promo to get 15% off, along with an additional 5% off for no grips) so came 4-W with KBS Tour V shafts and all the custom specs I wanted for about half of big brand name prices, and even less than a few "used" sets I've bought in the past.

 - Quality:  Once I took them out of the box they all looked perfect.  Shafts are all precisely 1/2" incremented and were SS 1x as I'd requested, ferrules are turned/finished better than I've had from some of the big OEMs before.  SW was all within D5.0 - D5.75 after I gripped them up, and the slight variance could've just as easily been from the grips being off slightly, I didn't have a scale to weigh them prior to installation.  I'm sure if I'd had them before the build started I could've shipped them along with the custom ferrules and they'd have installed them and the SW might have all been dead on.

 - Looks:  Online pictures really don't do them justice as far as just "looks", as they are really sharp.  I did do a little customization on paint fill to something more my liking, but that was just a personal thing to do while it was raining all day yesterday.  They are EXTREMELY comparable in blade length, top line, sole width, offset to my P770s.  I can try to post some side by side pictures at some point if anyone is wanting a comparison between the 2.

I can try to post back some more after it quits raining and I actually get to hit them if anyone is interested.  

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