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GPS or rangefinder?

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I like range finders because I don't have to worry about charging them.  I replace the battery probably once a year.  My son is a junior golfer and his leagues don't allow GPS devices, but allow range finders.  Since I play every day with him it makes more sense to use what he's going to use in competition.  

I tried a Garmin GPS watch and forgot to charge it more than once or would think it was sufficiently charged only to lose power mid-round.  I also play daily, so that probably makes a range finder easier to manage.   I guess I could have just charged the watch every night.  I also don't like wearing a watch or my wedding ring when I play golf.

I do wear an apple watch daily now, so maybe I should try again at some point using it with an app like the Grint or GolfLogix.

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I use the Garmin Approach Z82 which has a map imbedded in the view finder, along with the distance to the flag; it has the best of both worlds.  The map you would normally see on a GPS device, either a watch or handheld.

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I have tried GolfShot on my Apple Watch (series 3 so its slow), along with a GHOST from Bushnell and a range finder. My Bushnell never stays charged, so unless I charge it on the way to play, its worthless. That being said, I rarely use the watch (lately been going completely with out it) and love the simplicity of Front, Center and Back of greens. I am not accurate enough to nail the pin, and if you know the pin placement you can make your club choice based on if its F, C or B. I also like the rangefinder for what others have said. Its light, batteries last forever, and gets you a real distance (I bought a Precision Pro NX7 non-slope for $120 refurbished, and its amazing for the money). If I was only given one choice, it would be the GPS. The GHOST is nice because it is small, pocket sized, and moves along with me as I move holes. The Rangefinder is PRICELESS for the driving range though. I love knowing exact yardage when I am working on clubs and distances, and some ranges (like mine) have a grass area for irons only, but a few mats up higher and further for drivers, so the flags are different distances)


I also use my GolfShot app (Plus level membership) and it gives me the ability to track center of green, or drag the marker around to see how far water hazards or bunkers are which is especially helpful off the tee at a new course, or when trying to layup. 

Hope this helps! First post!

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Both for me. GPS is a lot more handy I have found because although In theory I can shoot the distance to a trap it’s not the most accurate (have had plenty of times I shot a distance to something and it was way off because I unknowingly hit something else) but I do like the laser if I know I can go at a flag.

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GPS for me. I've found it provides the bare minimum I need when playing for distance. I'm too cheap to pay extra for slopes, etc. I tried a range finder that my brother in law had and I couldn't figure it out. his numbers were way different than mine, and while his may have taken slope into account, I wasn't comfortable.

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I'm using both these days. I just bought the Shot Svope system (used for two rounds only) and find I like the quick yardage availability. I use my rangeginder for exact yardage on approach shots.

I also had the Garmin g6 watch which set in my desk drawer so long unused and uncharged that the battery died. It was just easier to use my phone and Swing U app for a full picture of the hole as well as gps distance on the same screen. App was much higher quality than Garmin (or any watch I've seen) for hazards and hole view. I still use the app on courses I dont know well.

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Just had a "front" colored pin measured to the "mid" distance.  My rangefinder is growing on me every round.  Pin distance was always a guess with the GPS.

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On 4/10/2021 at 5:44 PM, DStar said:

After a couple of rounds I've noticed I'm struggling with distances.

The club have removed 200 & 150 marker posts and have discs in the centre of the fairway, all ok if you're in the middle of the fairway.

So looking at a GPS or rangefinder,  which do you recommend and why? 

Garmin G10 is £90 so similar price to a MiLESSEY rangefinder on Amazon. 

I’ve been wearing an s62 for about six months now... it’s great. I think GPS is plenty of information for most golfers, but I also think it’s a best practice to aim for the back middle of most greens (middle of its a front pin) and I think a rangefinder will anchor a distance into your head...

I get the desire to carry a rangefinder but I’m not confident it actually helps me play better.

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Rangefinder. GPS doesn’t do any good at the range, and the GPS apps available on phones are just as accurate as the devoted ones.

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Well I went with a cheap G10 and used it for the 1st time on Friday. 

Played like a jackass but I did hit the right distances, just the wrong directions.

GPS was really helpful especially if I was off the fairway. 

I can see that this will help, just need to work on my swing consistency...

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Like many of you, I have and use both.  I tend to use my Garmin watch for longer distances, scoring and shot distances and the range finder for distances around 100 yards in as well as accurate lay up distances.  

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On 4/30/2021 at 8:52 AM, Golf2Much said:

Like many of you, I have and use both.  I tend to use my Garmin watch for longer distances, scoring and shot distances and the range finder for distances around 100 yards in as well as accurate lay up distances.  

I use both of them too, but for smaller distances I prefer to use any kind of rangefinder like here. Gps are not giving the clearest info as for my experience. 

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I use both.  I have a Garmin Approach watch for getting my front, middle, back yardages as well as distance to hazards and to measure my drives.  Then I use my Nikon CoolShot for exact pins and lay up distances.  This is generally followed by a swing that produces a ball flight that fails to hit that number.   I love golf!

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3 hours ago, garyt1957 said:

I know it's not close to everybody but SOME guys using rangefinders can be slow as sh-t with them. I played with a guy who lasered the flag from 20 yards. I kid you not.

Did he stick the shot?

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I use both but I find I use the GPS most of the time on courses that I know.  If I am playing a course that I do not know well, I use both.   

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I have a range finder for the driving range, but i play with a GPS watch. Its with in 3 yards accurate, or better, im not. They are way better for pace of play. Range finders on the course are obnoxious. Im so tired of seeing a foursome stand on a tee box, on a filled out morning, with all 4 people shooting the flag and debating 2 yards. Then 3 of the 4 arent even with in 30 yards of the green. I waited 5 mins for that? I would love to see range finders banned 🤣. GPS watch is more accurate than 90% of golfers and dont hold up the course like the 4 Dechambeaus shooting a flag on a par 5 from the tips before theu slice it in the woods. I know plenty of you guys arent holding up the course, but lots do. To those of you that can actually hit within 2 yards consistently, have at the range finders. 

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