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GPS or rangefinder?

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I can't wait to see the MGS review or test opportunities for this new Voice Caddie rangefinder WITH GPS. The green contour is really intriguing. 

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I've been using both but recently bought a Garmin Z80, laser rangefinder with GPS built in.  Like mentioned above (Z82 newer version) it has course overlay on the left side of the screen.  I've used it for a couple rounds and pretty sure it will become my go to device.  

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I have both.  However that said, I tend to use my GPS much more often.  I find that it is useful for me to measure the distance to a particular spot or feature on the fairway, and the GPS does that easier for me.

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I use 18Birdies on my apple watch.  I like to be able to just glance down and get a distance to the middle (f/b).  On tee shots I can use the phone to see where trouble is and measure the distances, but approach shots are a quick glance at the wrist.  Now if I could actually hit the correct distances ...  

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I want something that has both. Lasting the flag only gives partial input and if choosing club based solely on the distance to the pin without knowing how much room in front or behind can leave someone in the wrong spot

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I use "The Grint". You can get distances off the tee to trouble, bunkers, water, dog legs ETC ETC. I'll take the middle of the green as I am just not that precision and figure I should be able to 2 putt from anywhere on the green. 

That all said it doesn't do any good for practice on the range as someone has said already. I would like to have a range finder for that reason. I am little to shaky and always seem to tag the tree or house behind the target. 

My BIL uses a rangefinder exclusively. We played the other day and sometimes it was nice to have the pin number. His process is a little different. He will laser the pin then the front of the green so he can land short and try to get his ball to roll the cup. 


There are free versions of phone GPS's you can try. With either the watch style GPS or rangefinder you have to buy them and hope you like what you choose. 


Good luck in your search.  

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Sub 70 3 utility 19*

Callaway 56 and 58 wedge. 

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The longer I own my rangefinder, the more there is no going back to GPS (I always have it on the Grint if i absolutely need it).  I was very skeptical, but find more ways to use it every day. 


Any given round I get more yardages on other things than I get on pins.  Feel like I have a better grasp on my carry/total yardages with clubs with the rangefinder. 


The slope feature is great....surprising how much/little difference the slope makes (I would always guess wrong)


Never thought I'd say these things.  


Also, the battery lasts forever.....no charging.  Biggest surprise of all.

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image.png.c7aa9cf044e4588f8df86325313f23aa.png    699 Pro 8-AW  USTRecoil 660 F3 R    

 image.png.0c814df7a41156807d09d0f71918f7b8.png   56 60 wedges

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image.png.06e551b892c03e51345ba2a31fadf4a3.png Pro

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Both! I have ShotScope, so that gives me GPS numbers on my wrist. I love knowing front and carry distances for water and bunkers (especially on an unfamiliar course where you can't see them from the tee). On anything outside 100 yards, GPS is more than precise enough. Inside 100 yards though, I find a rangefinder is much better. Once you get into partial wedge shots, the difference between 60 and 70 yards is huge.

Just golfing to have a good time

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