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Can anyone compare Grafalloy Blue 65X to Prolaunch Red X

Another Steve

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I currently play an old TM R580XD 9.5* with a grafalloy blue 65X shaft and a new driver is not in the cards right now. What I do have is a TM R7 425 TP that I never warmed up to the feel of the Fujikura Speeder 757X that I want to reshaft it and play with the weights a bit. Since the Grafalloy Blues are now made of unobtanium I was thinking about trying the Grafalloy ProLaunch Red. Has anyone played both that can give me an opinion? Will it launch higher or lower? Opinions on feel vs the Blue?

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The obligatory there’s no standard on flex in the industry and even within a brand.

With that out of the way. The red is going to play 1 times stiffer flex. 

The blue is going to play right on flex for most. It will feel better to most as well. Those who swings agree with the blue love the shaft. For the price point it’s a steal

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The Blue is very stiff in the mid section - the Red is similar but not quite as stout - it's stiffer in the tip.

I currently play the Red and I like the feel and launch - the Blue is just a touch too tight for my liking. I would say if you have a hard aggressive swing with a steeper angle of attack you may like the Blue better to keep the spin down, but smoother swings with a shallower swing AoA will fair better with the Red IMHO. Launch is lower depending on how you swing it.

Blues are still quite common and still used by many on tour for their L/L/L profile, but may be a tad too light for those with harder transitions looking to control their tempo with a heavier shaft. The Red just hits the right spot for me, but low spin drivers who like to work the ball both ways always prized the Blue for this capability.

Two great shafts - the Red is stiffer on paper for labelled flex, but I always felt the Blue just "feels" stiffer because of the aforementioned mid section profile.

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Thanks for the feedback. As I said, I currently play an original Blue 65X (NOT the ProLaunch Blue) and love it. I am aware that the Blue is softer in the butt and tip, and really stiff in the middle and it may be why I like it. I've found some direct flex measurement and EI graph comparisons that (plus price} led me to want to give the red a look.

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Hey man, it sounds silly but I'm kindof an authority in this topic haha.

I played a Blue 65x in my r7 Superquad TP until the head cracked and then finally got a new driver this year (TSi3).  Anyhow, I had the same thoughts you had and so I bought several Prolaunch Red 65x shafts to experiment.

I set the shafts up all the same length but had one completely untipped, another tipped .75 inches, and the last tipped 1.5 inches.

The tip section of the Prolaunch Red is extremely stiff, and coupled with the higher bend point than the Blue, the untipped shaft felt all over the place at impact.  I found I actually prefer the shaft tipped 1.5" the best because not only did this move the bend point down and closer to where it is on the Blue but it also cut out some of the overly stiff (for me) tip section and made it much more playable.

Now don't get me wrong the shaft is still very stout but in a good way 🙂

Finally I will say that I hit my new driver predominantly with a fade whereas I used to draw (or hit sweeping hooks) the Superquad.  This has actually been a pleasant change.  However I cannot say for sure if this is due to the shaft or head difference but I'm leaning towards the head as the Superquad definitely looks more closed at address.

Hope that helps!

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