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SPY PICS! - MacGregor TOURNEY 2011 HY and FW


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These heads were made for the European owner of the license - some guy from the UK. One of our business partners had plans to do MacGregor in Germany again, but they declined, after they had talked to the guy. They also hit the new designs a couple of weeks ago. The driver was so and so, hybrid and FW seemed to do okay. Over all - nothing to write home about was the comment we got. And that came from hardcore MacGregor fans.




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Would mygolfspy be offended if I compared how ugly these are to the Cleveland VAS???? At least the fairways and hybrids and maybe in second place behind the VAS...


I don't think these compare at all to the VAS, they were a totally different animal and purple!

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Let me be the first to say, this is the most attractive product offering from you guys to date, I love it, the looks, the 3 wood alone makes me want to rush out and try them. Too bad your stores are so far from Virginia Beach.

John Barry

Bring the Funk, Back to Golf

The Golfer's Trip






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