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Modern Golf Fitting - Unofficial Review

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So recently I decided to pull the trigger and go ahead with finally upgrading my old irons.  My golf game is picking up again and I feel that my current irons just aren't suiting my play.

Modern Golf had a great deal of 50% off a full bag fitting.  So for $200 dollars I was able to fit my whole bag. 

Upon arriving to the facility it was really nice, open concept building.  Was able to use a small putting green they had while I was awaiting my fitting, and they also had a nice couch and TV where they had the Golf Channel on.

The building looked new and fresh and had the club building area open for everyone to see.  I thought it was a cool layout and ability to see those guys working away had a nice effect.  Each fitting room (also used for lessons) was large, larger than any type of indoor simulator I've been too.  It was it's own room, with large glass window so you could see out (and everyone could see in).  Minimalistic, but done very well.

Going in, I was working with Justin who started off with some basic questions (tell me a little about your golf game?  What issues do you face, or what do you know about yourself.  What are you looking for today mainly?  Any ideas of brands you are looking for?)  After giving him the rundown that I was really looking for irons, he let me warm up and then starting bringing in some clubs.

While I was swinging with clubs I realized he was chatting with me while I was swinging, but then would usually be dead silent while I hit another 6 or so shots.  He told me that he likes to chat with people to see how they hit when they aren't in their own head (i.e. just casually hitting and chatting) and then also letting them pay more attention and hit some more.  I thought it was an interesting approach and would probably benefit a lot of people (including myself).

Initially when I went in there, I was really set on the Ping G425 iron set.  He said they are great irons, but for me and my swing might not be the best match.  He brought them in and sure enough, they didn't do for me what I thought (or hoped) they would do for me. 

Long story short, like most places we went through a bunch of heads and shafts before settling in on some Cobra Forged Tec 2020's  With Dynamic Gold S400 shafts, that I was hitting the best and was able to bring my trajectory more in line with where I needed it.

I was really happy that they didn't try to push me into some overly expensive irons (not that the chosen set was cheap either).  But I was asked right away what my budget was right away and he was able to stay within it.  We also went through my woods, hybrids and wedges and gave me printouts on what best suited to buy at a later time (when I've saved up again).  When I pick up my clubs we are going to do a putter fitting as well as they couldn't do it at the time I was there.

Now, I'm just waiting on the clubs to come in.  I'm sure with all that is going on right now, it's going to be a while.  But I feel like a kid at Christmas right now waiting for Santa to come.



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image.png.77fe07cbfea697deca64bd4a4263a151.png  Chiller Cart Bag

:cobra-small: Speedzone 9° - HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70 X-Stiff

:taylormade-small: Sim Max Rocket 3wd 14° - HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 X-Stiff

 :taylormade-small: Sim2 Max Rescue 4H 22° - Ventus Blue 7S

:callaway-small: X-20 4 thru PW - Callaway Uniflex shaft

Approach wedge that is so old and generic I don't know what it is or where I got it (but I love it).

:cleveland-small: Smart Sole 3 Sand Wedge 58°

:taylormade-small: Rossa Monza Itsy Bitsy Spider

:Arccos: Tracking

Right Handed player, currently shooting around the 90 mark.

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