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PING Custom Iron Orders

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Ordered my wife's new set of G425 irons mid July. They were red dot, -1/2” so I expected normal 8-10 week lead time. They were just delivered on Dec. 29th. We ordered through 2nd swing and it seemed like ping would push out the delivery date every month.

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8 hours ago, sixcat said:


My local shop/fitter stated earlier this week, Mizuno instructed them to pull the C-Taper and C-Taper Lites from the fitting cart. Saw some other threads to include a letter from KBS they do not know when they will get the supply in and anticipating at least 3 months best case scenario. Realistically, probably is 2023 🤦🤷‍♂️

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This is pretty much happening in all areas of manufacturing right now. I work in industrial machinery and many of the components we are trying to get we already know we won't get until at least first quarter of 2023. ... And suppliers won't even guarantee those dates are good. I've been in the industry for 28 years and I've never seen anything like this. Things we used to get in 2-3 weeks are now 6 months. Things that used to be 8-10 weeks are now a year. Stuff that used to be 6 months lead time, they won't even tell us when you can get them. 

Its really bad. And its horrible for the folks trying to work in customer service. All day long they have customers calling them and yelling at them. Some of them are swearing at them and screaming. Customer service folks don't get paid enough for that, so they quit. Then you have folks who used to be running machines having to stop to answer the phone. Which slows down production. Which makes customers even angrier and so on and so on. 

What I'm getting at. Is if you call PING (or any manufacturer really) and actually get a customer service person... Be nice to them. It's not their fault and at least they answered the phone. 

I got a bag full of Cobras.... Well, not the putter... yet.

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I've been looking at putting a new set of clubs together.  I was in the PGA Superstore last week hitting some different irons.  Of the brands I tested, the sales guy said Mizuno, based on their experience, had the best shipping time on custom orders.  Ping he said was at the bottom.  A relative of mine that works for Titleist said they are at about 8 weeks for delivery.  Everybody is having supply problems except for PXG, if you believe their ads.

Callaway Driver, 4 and 7 fairways.  Mizuno 923 Hot Metal 6-LW.  A friend told me my swing is as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey.  If so, I often think it may have come out of the barrel to soon.

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On 1/7/2022 at 3:17 PM, RickyBobby_PR said:

Titleist took them off the matrix over a month ago because there was no info from kbs when they would be available 

I just like pointing out, Ping isn't the only golf OEM having delays. It's industry wide and the length of delay is dependent upon more than club of choice. Me and a good friend ordered i210's on the same day in April. I got mine (PX LZ 6.0) in June. He got his (DG 105 S300) in October.

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I ordered G425 irons mid August and was told mid January delivery…i’m giving it til 20th before i ask pro shop to chase for me…if there were certain components (certain grip,shaft,Arccos) holding things back do you think someone would reach out?

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Spoke to a fitter buddy and Ping was forced to cut production due to Covid issues, however, effective Jan 1st, they are supposed to be back to 100% 24/7 to have all back orders shipped by March.

Certified Club Fitter.

Ping G425 Max Driver 10.5° w/Fujikura Ventus 55 R Shaft

Ping G425 Max 5-7-9 Fairway Woods w/Ping Alta CB R Shaft

Ping G425 Irons 5-U w/Ping Alta CB R Shaft (Power-Spec Lofts)

Ping 4.0 Eye2 Glide Wedges 54°-58° w/Recoil SmacWrap F3 Flex

Odyssey Versa Three-T Putter w/Superstroke 2.0 Tour 14" Grip

PING Pioneer Cart Bag

Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Mid-Size Grips

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Golf pride grips are a huge delay for anyone looking to order. 

Driver: PXG 0811 X+ Proto w/UST Helium 5F4

Wood: TaylorMade M5 5W w/Accra TZ5 +1/2”, TaylorMade Sim 3W w/Aldila rogue white

Hybrid: PXG Gen2 22* w/AD hybrid

Irons: PXG Gen3 0311T w/Nippon modus 120

Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 50*, Tiger grind 56/60

Putter: Scotty Caemeron Super Rat1

Ball: Titleist Prov1

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Just to give hope. Ordered July 19, 2021. Arrived December 18, 2021.

5 months 







Edited by Motoboss

“Adventure Before Dementia “

PING G425 4-UW/SW Black Dot +1” Alta CB RFlex / ChipR

PING G410 Plus DRIVER 10.5* / 3W 14*/ 5W 17.5* / 3hyb. 19* / 9W 22*

PING Putter Custom PLD 4J Prototype / 1968 Anser / Odyssey TriHot #3

VICE Pro Soft Lime Green / Bridgestone RX - TreoSoft


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Hi everyone. Newbie from just outside Toronto here. I ordered a new set of Ping G425s on Black Friday from my club, after being fitted, and received them 2  weeks ago. That was about what they told me. Maybe I was lucky. I also got fitted for a PGX 0811-XF driver, and a 54 degree and 60 degree forged 0311 wedges. I received them in 2 weeks

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