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Not sure where to go to suggest a mygolfspy test?

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There was a test several years ago that showed spin numbers for wedges come down through the proverbial "75 rounds", then flatten out, and then get better again as the club ages due to the wear adding some spin. The test definitely established they they never return to "new spin rates", but they remain eminently playable. I wish mygolfspy would conduct a new test and see if this is still true. Additionally, maybe when they start to improve again, does rusting the club or any other legal mod add any spin to an old club? What would that mod be besides natural rust if any? Does the spin rate differ greatly between manufacturer PW, AW, GW, whatever, like the Callaway Apex, and a specialty wedge at the same degree of loft like an SM8 or Callaway Jaws? How about playability? Right now, an individual Apex iron is $185 while an SM 8 is $160. With all the specialty grinds etc, the Vokey sure seems like it could be fit easier and is less costly. However, if the Apex starts with less new spin but doesn't wear as much where it is actually better at 75 rounds and going forward, maybe initial price and bounce options would be secondary for most players. Also, does it matter having good grooves if you are pitching mostly on your course or chipping? At the courses I play in AZ, I mostly hit running chips which would seem to mitigate the need for sharp grooves. Inquiring minds would like to know?

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