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Quick fix Golf Instruction Videos

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This may have been discussed here in the past, but I am relatively new. Just curious if anyone has actually benefited from any of these quick fix videos that are out there. I recently have been hit with several ads on these types of videos. I'm sure it's Apple and others listening to the fact that the season is really getting going and they hear talk of golf. One is TopSpeedGolf and another was from YE Yang's instructor. For me, I have never really given one of these a fair try. Just wondering if there are any success stories. Other than the paid Ads from them. 🙂



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Clay Ballard is a pretty good coach and there’s a number of golfers I’ve seen recommend him. I used to watch a lot of his stuff when he was working with rotaryswing golf.

There’s not much in golf that is quick fix but rather quick tips that if practiced correctly can help. 

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No "quick fix" video is a substitute for a pair of eyes on your swing to help you diagnose the issue and give you a "fix" that is applicable directly to you.

I say this as someone who tried every "fix your slice" tip for nearly 2 years before 5 minutes with a pro diagnosed the real issue.

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While I agree that there is no quick fix, there are some benefits to these videos if you know what to look for. These are typically general advise videos for why people tend to hit a certain way. 
I have watched countless hours of videos of this sort and other golf YouTube videos and, after 3 years, only fixed my slice about 6 months ago. 
To me, I found watching club fitting videos more helpful as they would show the raw data that you would get from a coaching lesson (club path, face angle, angle of attack, dynamic loft, backspin, side spin). 
Although watching these videos eventually helped, the hours that I put on the range and course are what really fixed my swing. 
In hind sight, having someone tell me what I had to fix first instead of having to guess, would have saved me time, but it was somewhat rewarding to find the fix myself. 
Hope this helps 👍🏻

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The result of a bad shot can be from one swing fault or several; not knowing what to fix and relying on instructional videos will lead to frustrating golf.  I know!

Instructional videos alone are fine for gaining knowledge about the golf swing.  However, what you think is your problem might not be the real problem.  Big difference in "feel" vs "real".  Eyes-on instruction early on is the best and quickest way to improve.  Use qualified local golf pros, if possible for more timely response.  Any number of competent, online swing instructors is OK if you periodically submit videos for assessment of your progress with the instructor's recommendations.  

One suggestion:  Unless you are comfortable with completely transforming your swing, I would steer clear of those instructors who want you to follow a specific swing model.

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I actually paid for the TopSpeedGolf membership and found it pretty beneficial. I think Clay has a lot of good teaching points and does a good job communicating what you should be feeling and how the swing works. That being said, what you're doing and what he's trying to get you to do are sometimes hard to matchup. i'd suggest his system because it has helped me, I've been hitting my irons and driver better this past year after signing up. 

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I paid for a year as well because I did his 20 minute distance fix a couple of weeks ago and in the first week went from 93 mph to 100. Saw my drives  go from 210-220 total distance to 240-260 (my problem was lack of shoulder turn)  Guys I play with all the time noticed right away and asked if I was on steroids. LOL. I haven’t hit the ball 250 in years so I am real happy. Three shots in a row I measure with my GPS watch were 250, than 235 uphill into the wind and 260 downwind. I figured I owed Clay Ballard the $77 for the membership for the year. I’ve been doing Super speed protocols all winter and still do them as I’m trying not to lose distance. But I was stuck at 93mph. My old golf teacher, who doesn’t teach anymore, used his videos to give examples of some drills he had me doing years ago. It’s a good site with well produced videos.

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