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Sensible way to calculate what tees I should be playing?

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On 5/4/2021 at 1:17 PM, vandyland said:

I just find I have more fun playing shorter so I think I backed into a calculation that would make sense to me and show that playing shorter isn't ridiculous for my skill level. It doesn't account for a wide open course where you are hitting driver off every tee versus a Harbour Town (which I am playing later this year) where you have to be more strategic and all the sudden a 370 yd hole gets a lot longer when you have to hit Hybrid off the tee to keep it in play. So even as someone who hits it consistently well through a round, I am eyeing the 5,827 gold tees (at Harbour Town) due to the fact that I don't want to feel forced into hitting driver a lot out there. My playing partners are saying that's crazy and seemingly want to go out and just get punched in the face by the course and play from the Blues 6,700 yds. We are all basically 4-7 HDCPs and I am actually longer off the tee than 2 of the guys. I might just end of playing the Golds by myself out of principle 🙂

I think your right in playing the shorter tees at Harbor Town. last time I played I did the White (6250). It's not bad but you need to keep your ball in play off the tee and must have a good short game as you're not going to hit many greens. I have since moved up to the senior tees this year so if I play it again it will be the next tee up 5827. I caught so much flack from my buddies for moving up but they're used to it now. I don't hit the tee ball far (200) but I have a exceptional short game. Now when I play my buddies I am even with them off the tee so I know I'm playing the right tees which for me is 5900-6000 yards.  More importantly no matter which tees you play you still have to make the swing to score!

BTW, I live here in HH area at Belfair. Hit me up if you need another course to play. We have 2 Fazio courses

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I'm a member at a private club. I play there every week (I do play other courses too). So being north of 60 and having played the men's white tees at 6300 yards for years (hundreds of rounds) it got b

Play what will give you most enjoyment. Lots of people think hitting driver and then wedge is "boring" on a par 4 or needing to hit less than driver off the tee as if they are not getting their money'

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Here are some rules I came up with for teeing it forward. I recommend using your best Jeff Foxworthy impression.

If your boom stick results are more in line with that of a broom stick, ...you should tee it forward.
If your GIR% is lower than your handicap, ...you should tee if forward.
If you have to pull driver on a par 3 in order to "lay up", ...you should tee it forward.
If your fairways missed is higher than your blood pressure, ...you should tee it forward.
If you can throw your putter farther than you can hit a drive, ...you should tee it forward.

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Dexterity: Right-handed

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