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Converting to a push cart

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I am thinking about switching to a push cart.  I currently play 3 times a week and carry my clubs.  My current bag is the Ping Hoofer Lite bag.  My 4 ball partner uses a push cart he is 5 years younger then me.  I an 54 he is 49.  He swears by his push cart and often pokes fun at me for carrying.  

My questions are as follows.

What was the key factor in the decision to switch to the push cart?

What are the push carts that are on the market that made the transition easier?





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Matthew Wicklund

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I love my push cart cause I can put the whole cart bag on and have everything I need. It also is easier on my back and hips. Currently have the BagBoy Nitron and love it. 

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Clicgear 3.5.  love it….it’s like having a caddy.  No chance of wrenching my back and losing time on the course

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I bought a TGW Tour 3 wheel cart (less than $200) that was an upgrade from a very basic Amazon pull cart. Huge difference. I like a 3 wheel better than a 4 wheel and I think the key feature for me, other than holding the bag, is the "pouch" where you can put a range finder, extra ball, phone, etc. I will say push carts seem difficult on really, really hilly courses but I love my pushcart and now I walk 90% of my rounds whereas I used to walk about 50%. I used to have a sunday bag where I carried about 7 clubs but with the push cart you can carry your full complement of clubs and feel no real difference. 

Once I saw how small they fold up and how easy (at least mine is) they are to unfold and setup it was a no-brainer. Maybe the one downside is that if you play a lot in wet conditions you will get more grass in your car/suv/truck if you don't take or have the time to rinse off the wheels before you load it in your car. This is a very small quibble. 

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Pushing rather than carrying means I can carry more stuff, like drinks, snacks, and waterproofs.   I don't have gamble on whether to take my waterproofs out, or leave an extra layer the car to save a little weight.

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I’ve used a BagBoy TriSwivel II for years, it carries everything I need to enjoy a round. The Clicgear 3.5 is a great cart too, but I wanted to try the swiveling front wheel, and I find it does make a difference.

I can’t imagine carrying my bag anymore - but I’m 66. Just don’t buy a cheapo cart, you’ll live to regret it if you’re serious about walking.

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I stopped carrying, and tried to convince my daughter to stop carrying in college(unsuccessfully), simply because I could feel the strain on my back, and arms, not an unbearable burden to be sure, but I just figured it may contribute to some "little" bit to more tired/ or worse  swings at the end of the round.  T

There are all kinds of push carts.  Got to be honest my wife bought me a 3 wheel, simple "Top Flite" brand ( I think?) no frills model.  Going strong with 5 or so years of use on it at this point.  Folds up decently, and it wasn't too expensive.

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I started using a push cart 2 years ago when I got an incredible membership deal with my club. My wife bought me a Caddytek from Costco with the swivel front wheel and I love it. I'll be getting the money together at some stage to add a set of Alphard ewheels to it.

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I'm 51 and have always walked a lot when playing (just started back after 10 year layoff).  I always carried my bag and when I started back last year I did the same.  I run 7 miles a day 3-4 days a week and found that walking 18 holes and carrying my bag left me exhausted by the 15th or 16th tee.  Arccos showed my performance on the last few holes were suffering considerably compared to the previous 13-14 holes.  I decided to try a push cart since I didn't want to give up walking the course.  I purchased a Clicgear 3.5 and it was the best money I've spent in golf.  I can now run 5 miles in the morning and walk 18 in the afternoon with no dip in performance based on being tired.  Like many others stated the other obvious advantage is I can carry everything I would possibly need in a round without causing undue stress on my back.

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Went to the push cart reluctantly about 3 years ago.   There was golf study done in CO that confirmed that players do get slightly tired and possibly stiff in shoulders carrying by last 3-4 holes.  The carts fold well into car.  On model, had to replace my first during covid, ended up last available mid priced Sun Mountain. 

For 2 weeks in summer 2020 did carry again.  With no water on courses really missed the cup holder for second bottle and les weight.  Have 4 wheel model that supports running between holes when I get first tee time of day.                          

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I bought a ClicGear 4.0 earlier this year (just happened to find one on the floor at Dick's Sporting Goods, websites had been sold out for months) and don't regret it one bit. I play about 2x a month and take my cart every time I play now. I even used it for a shortish 9 hole executive course last weekend. Since others seem to be mentioning it, I'll say I'm 42 and some of my friends mocked me the first round out. Since then, they've all bought carts, took only about 2 rounds. I'm not tired on the back 9 and my back gives me ZERO issues. I'd suggest a cart to anyone, any age, any location. They are the best. 



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I bought a Tangkula brand push cart off Amazon. I absolutely love it. It comes with a spring loaded seat that is clutch when you are having to sit on the tee waiting for the group in front or waiting on your partners to finish out the whole. The seat is detachable, so you don't always have to have it on the push cart. I'll do a more in depth "unofficial" review on it, but the $150 I spent on this was well worth it. 



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I find that I'm just fresher with the push cart compared to carrying and that was reason enough for me.

I went with the Caddytek option from Costco solely based on price and I've been pretty happy with it. It has all of the features I could need and the build quality seems fine even if it may not be as good as the clic gear models or whatever, but I only paid $150 so it was less than half the price.  Currently out of stock, but if you're not in a rush, I'm sure they will be back as they seem to come in and out.

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My teenage (at the time) brother gave me a cheap pull cart from K-Mart for Christmas in the mid 90’s. It didn’t last very long but I have been using a push/pull cart ever since.

I’m 46 now and have been using a Clicgear 3.0 for over a decade.  I don’t have back issues or anything. Just believe in working smarter, not harder!

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With two prosthetic hips and a bad back, I love my Cliqgear 3.0! Storage, accessories and the availability of repair parts is a super bonus. With adapters, I can use anything from a stand bag to a cart bag. I’m considering an aftermarket motor unit to make it even better!

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I've been using a Caddytek 4 wheeler for over five years now. Unless playing in a tournament, I'm walking and do so minimally twice a week, even in summer. As someine else said, best money I've spent in golf.

As others have said, just having everything you want with you makes it worthwhile. I chose this cart because it also has a small cooler and bag as well as the normal net.

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