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Long 46"+ Putters!....LPs

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Don't see much current talk about gear many of us still play.... Unanchored of course. Pushing 10% of my club are LP gamers. I use a Ping Craz-E 48" at moment. You don't want to see me stab a short putter... It's pitiful. Also own a TM Ghost and a couple of Odysseys.  Interested in any Ping LP models out there you might not want? And.... Discuss. 

PS. No long putter haters pls... Unanchored it's legal, end of story! 😉

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I still use one. I have used a long putter, off and on (mostly on) for +30 years. Started in college. Way more unique back then. Frankly, I am putting better now unanchored with it then before. My club is no where no near 10% but we do have a few who still do it. Also, have a few side saddlers. It is not how but how many 😁  I have settled on a 2-ball but have over dozen long putters that usually get out for a round or two during the year.

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