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Mixed sets?


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Just now, cbbuff said:

The ZX5s are more efficient (higher smash), so you might not need the loft gaps of the ZX7 since the ZX5 with the same loft will go further.  But it shouldn't be off by much, 1-1.5*, so you can bend it once you get it, if needed.  I would definitely do a gapping session on a LM with the 5 and 6 irons.

BTW, I also have the 4-5 in ZX5 and 6-PW in the ZX7.  Killer combo.


I thought about the 6 iron in ZX5, but the gapping wasn't as clean and the ZX7 was pretty forgiving and feel great.

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8* SIM2 Custom / PX RDX Smoke Black 6.0 46.5"

15* SIM Ti / Velocore 7s

19* SIM Max Hy / GOST 39.5"

4,5 Srixon ZX5  6-P Srixon ZX7  ProjectX LZ 120 6.0

50/54/58 Cleveland Zipcore DG Tour Issue

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12, Stability Tour shaft and SuperStroke

JumboMax Ultralight Small on Driver, Golf Pride Tour Velvet (irons and MCC (woods) Mid on all others.

TP5X Pix  and -ProV1

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6 minutes ago, cbbuff said:

BTW, I also have the 4-5 in ZX5 and 6-PW in the ZX7.  Killer combo.


I thought about the 6 iron in ZX5, but the gapping wasn't as clean and the ZX7 was pretty forgiving and feel great.

Nice!  Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely do a gapping session, but I still haven't received the 4 & 5 ZX5s, and I've only had the 6-PW ZX7s out on the course, but only once at that, and you are right, they are pure.

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  • In my :mizuno-small: BR-D4 6-way
  • :cobra-small: King F9 set to 9*, Tour length Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0 S-flex, with GolfPride MCC +4 mid-size
  • image.png.27e1496834233542c5d124bf8b9e3352.png3W - 13*, UST Mamiya 65 Gold S-flex, with GolfPride Tour Wrap 2G
  • :taylormade-small: SIM UDI 2-iron - 18*, Mitsubishi Diamana Thump 100 X-flex, with GolfPride MCC Align
  • :srixon-small: ZX5 4-5 & ZX7 6-PW, :Nippon: Modus3 120 Tour S-flex, +1/2", with GolfPride Tour Wrap 2G
  • :titelist-small: :vokey-small: - SM8 Tour Chrome, 50.08F - 54.10S - 58.12D, DG Wedge Flex, with GolfPride Tour Wrap 2G
  • :EVNROLL: Custom Fit 35" ER6 Red at 68 degree lie angle and 4 degrees of loft
  • :Snell: MTB-X            :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro Slope             Tracked by :Arccos:         #WPS 🐗
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Over the years, I have played Callaway Apex / Apex Pro and Mizuno Hot Metal / Hot Metal Pro combo sets, as well as creating a few of my own mixed sets.  I’m currently considering creating a mixed set of Tour Edge Exotics E721 5 & 6 irons with C721 in the 7 iron through AW.  It has always worked well for me to play more forgiving longer irons  with more “player’s style” mid/short irons.


Driver: Ping G425 Max, 9*, Miyazaki  Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 6S, 44.75" playing length

4-Wood: Titleist TS2, 16.5*, Miyazaki Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 7S, 42.75" playing length

5/7-Wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero set to 20* loft; Tensei Blue 75-S, 41.5" playing length

Hybrids: Exotics EXS Pro (22*), Mitsubishi Tensei Silver 75S

Irons: Exotics EXS220 5-iron and New Level MODB-1 (6-iron through PW), KBS TGI Tour 80 (stiff) shafts

Wedges: New Hogan Equalizer wedges (48* and 56* + Maltby TSW Forged 52-8, all bent 1* weak

Putter: Evnroll ER2, 34”with Gravity Grip

Ball: Snell MTBx



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I build customer clubs daily and have for 20+ years.

  • Know your game, be honest
  • Get fit - flex, grip, length/lie/loft, turf interaction, miss
  • Fill gaps, not club #'s
  • Have a budget, stick to it

Folks have mentioned great combo options, Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Srixon (very sexy choice), Titleist (my choice I play T200's with AP2 718's and a CB mixed in too)

Benefits are irons are easily bended and personalized for your game.

Troubles I seen are having a players' iron in place instead of a game improvement or vice versa. The miss match can cause numbers of issues. Or having too many combo/models within the set. 

The game is fun, there isn't a perfect set, don't mortgage the farm to find it.

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Three years ago I had a set of new cavity backs with pretty wide soles and great shafts for my swing.  After a while, I wanted narrow soles on the 8-9-w for more accuracy and feel, so I went for a fitting, with forged Mizuno or Srixon in mind.  I got Ping I 500s.  I liked them so much I sold my whole set of cavity backs, and went down to the 6 iron on the Pings.  I already had an older Mizuno Fli-Hi GFF 4 iron.  So I was only missing a 5 iron. I picked up another new Mizu, a wave tech 5 hybrid with my shaft because it jumped into my cart on Ebay!  If I were a few years younger, I might have gotten the Ping 5 iron, but I'm 66.  I like my set now.   I might be playing these irons for a long long time.  So, yes, try mix, and if you have fitting available, let a good fitter do their job.  You might even get the same irons but on different shafts for the long irons.  Don't look at my handicap.  I have scoliosis issues, and I worked 6 days a week since the virus hit and only played about 6 full rounds in a year just when I finally got my swing going.

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Driver  Callaway Epic on Recoil F2 (senior) flex

Three wood is TM Burner Superfast 3.0 on M (mature) flex

3H Old Adams A3OS red boxster on stock Graffaloy Platinum reg shaft

3 MP 18 MMC and 4 GFF hybrid Mizuno irons

5 Mizu hybrid Fli-hi

6 - W Ping I 500 irons on Recoil F3 reg flex shafts

Wedges:  Mizuno blue 52 09, 60 06, and old original Hogan Sure-out 56 14 sand

Chipper (yep I carry a chipper) old Don Martin Up n In bronze 

Putter Musty wood mallet, sometimes switch with my Scotty Cameron Futura X counter weight face balanced

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@mr.paintmaker That is some very good information and one of the reasons I am looking to do it is the 4-5-6 section of irons.  I feel like I am really good from 7 iron through wedges.  I really like fit the gap not the club #s.

@Rik  all of us of a certain age loved those Cleveland clubs.  I had a set of TA3s for a short time and they were great!!

Lots of good info in this thread so far I hope people keep sharing


Ping G425 LST 10.5* - Rogue White 130

Ping G425 LST 14.5 - Rogue White 130

TaylorMade SIM 19* Tensei Pro White

Srixon ZX5 4&5 iron Modus 120

Srixon ZX7 6-AW Modus 120

Vokey SM8 54* 60* Modus 125 wedge

EvnRoll ER5B

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I have a mixed set of new level irons with p-7 in the pf2 and 6-5 in the 902s. I haven’t carried a 4 iron since high school, and not because I could hit one then either. My next club up is a cut down 22 hybrid. This set up matched my trajectories with each club better than a full set of either iron. With a 6 iron I don’t have the consistency to keep my misses playable with the cb type iron. Honestly though if I could do it again I would try to get my hands on a 902 7 iron as I hit the pf2 better on a sim than I do now off the turf. 

I definitely recommend making sure you get the feel right, for lack of a more scientific term. I tried some of the different TM mixes and found some of them to be too different for me even though the numbers were ok.

I’m much more comfortable with this mixed set than my last regular set. Good luck getting it dialed in. 

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:ping-small: g400 lst

:callaway-small: x2 hot pro 17*

:taylormade-small:M4 22* hybrid

New Level pf-2 p-7, 902 6-5

:taylormade-small: hi-toe 51* and 57*

:odyssey-small: 2-ball

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Don't have a coventional iron in my set. Driver, 3 wood, all hybrids from 18* to PW 46*. Bought a set from GigaGolf. Had 2 hybrids in my bag-18* and a 21*, with a set of Cally x-20's, but have been replaced with a set of Reva's from GigaGolf. They play straighter than the x-20s, and get up easier than any iron I ever played. Great feel, good distance, and they look good, for a very, very, reasonable price. And, you can customize with different shafts, length, and grips of your choice.  Added 2 CBX2's, hit the links...

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