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Myrtle Beach--Arrowhead--Sat May 20--9:20

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I booked Arrowhead as a single on my last day in Myrtle Beach.  Its highly ranked by the pros on Myrtle.   would love to have some on this forum join me.

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How was it?  Loved that course when I played it 20 years ago.

Driver: image.jpeg.fc52d8394e47b46eb4edf7c91cee6a3a.jpeg Epic Max 10.5

3 wood: image.jpeg.fc52d8394e47b46eb4edf7c91cee6a3a.jpeg Epic Max

3H, 4H, 5H, 6I-PW: image.jpeg.fc52d8394e47b46eb4edf7c91cee6a3a.jpeg Big Bertha 21

Wedges:  image.jpeg.67fa5c07d7a9bf3435e07576250c1333.jpeg CBX 48*, 54*, 58*

Putter: image.jpeg.45b37ce8f653908d0c5e280dc2a5a30b.jpeg Stroke Lab Double Wide

Ball:  image.png.31e04fcff2f02da06c87e776527834f0.png MTB-Black, image.png.1a61f074ce89df1bc7ab3c3550d5e74e.pngPro Soft, image.png.03268a11c8b91d58188b2554743f9bc2.png Elixir

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