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Most Personal Club in Your Bag

Most Personally Valued Club  

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  1. 1. You have to hit a single shot. You don't know what it is: it could be a drive, an approach, a short game shot, a recovery shot, or a putt. Before I show you the shot, you get to choose one part of your bag that I cannot replace; everything else in your bag is replaced with generic, off-the-rack clubs. What are you picking?

    • Driver
    • Fairway woods
    • Hybrids
    • Irons
    • Wedges
    • Putter

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I like @revkev's logic, but have to go 3W. Of course, my putter was not fit to me by Rife, so....

Driver:  :callaway-small:Epic Speed 9* (set -1) MMT 70X
3W:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR Recoil 760ES
3H, 4H: :bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR 19*, 23* Recoil 780ES
4-AW:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR HF2 Modus3 Tour 105
SW: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Black Satin 54*
LW:Sub70: TAIII Black 58*
Putter:ping-small: Scottsdale TR Senita
Bag: BigMax Dri Active Lite
Ball:taylormade-small: TP5x or :titleist-small: AVX (yellow)
Pushcart: BigMax iQ+

Testing Complete, Final Review PostedSub70 TAIII Forged Wedges

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On 5/19/2021 at 12:24 PM, GolfSpy MPR said:

I honestly expected this to be a more popular answer, especially given the variable lies you could get on your mystery shot. Stepping up to a sketchy bunker lie—or for that matter, some odd in between yardage from the fairway—with a wedge I've never used before strikes me as inviting a lot of unpredictably in outcome.

That’s true with our gamers though - 🙂

Taylor Made Stealth 2 10.5 Diamana S plus 60  Aldila  R flex   - 42.25 inches 

SMT 4 wood bassara R flex, four wood head, 3 wood shaft

Ping G410 7, 9 wood  Alta 65 R flex

Srixon ZX5 MK II  5-GW - UST recoil Dart 65 R flex

India 52,56 (60 pending)  UST recoil 75's R flex  

Evon roll ER 5 32 inches

It's our offseason so auditioning candidates - looking for that right mix of low spin long, more spin around the greens - TBD   


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It's a tough choice between my putter and wedges; however, I will pick my wedges.  

I can adapt to any driver; I can play most FW, but I don't have to play one; a low lofted hybrid will do; I'm not the best iron player and I could probably make anything work as well as my gamers.

Since I miss a lot of greens, I use my wedges a lot and I have confidence in shots around the green.  I could never get out of bunkers before I got my Callaway PM Grinds.

I love my putter and it was fitted for me; I would hate to give it up.  However, with a little practice I think I could make any putter work OK.  I used to play a Heavy Putter and I played pretty well with a Bullseye... just about opposites.

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Tough choice for me between driver and wedges as once I dial them in I have long term relationships with those clubs.  But I chose driver!

Modern Bag:  :ping-small: G410 LST 10.5*, Hzrdus Smoke RDX 6.5 Flex;   :titelist-small:  915F 3w, Diamana S+ 70 S flex;  Snake Eyes 18* 2h, 23* 4h & 27* 5h; :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Forged 6 - PW, PX LZ 6.0;  :Sub70: Raw 50*, Nippon Tour 120 X; Edison 2.0 53*, KBS Tour 120 S ;  Edison 2.0 57* KBS Tour 120 S;   :ping-small:  Heppler Fetch;  Ball - :Snell: MTB-X; Bag - Jones MyGolfSpy Edition! 

Shot Scope H4, MG600 Rangefinder

Classic Bag:  Driver - :wilson_staff_small: Persimmon; 3w - :Hogan: Speed Slot; 5w - :wilson_staff_small: Tour Block; 3 - pw - :wilson_staff_small: Dynapower; sw - Ram Tom Watson;  putter - bullseye standard or flange.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by generic off the rack clubs... There are far more driver shafts I don't get along with than there are iron shafts... but if we are just going straight stock demo bag from the local golf course, I'd probably pick my putter... I'm sure I could make a "regular" putter work for one swing, but I'd much rather putt with mine, as it's long, center shafted and built for me... 

After that it would be my driver, but mostly because I like the midsize grip and heavy shaft... if I could keep that part, you can toss any modern head on the end of it, and I'll miss the fairway just the same as I do with my current driver.

Love my hybrid and utility iron... but they aren't special... same with my irons and wedges... Off the rack would be fine for one shot... but I built my bag for me, and every club in there (other than my 3 wood) makes me happy and helps me perform better than if it was replaced with a generic equivalent. 

As a side note, if you have an off the rack 3 wood, feel free to send it to me... My pro took the one he gave me back and I'm using my adams speedline again... it's fine.

Mavrik 9 degree - Ventus Black 7X

Mavrik 13.5 Degree - Hazardus Smoke

Sub70 19 degree - Proforce V2 8F5

Sub70 4u - Proforce V2 8F5

Sub70 5i - DG S400

Adams CMB 6-GW - Project X 6.0

Sub70 54 (286) and 58 (JB Low Bounce) - S300

SeeMore Trimetal Mallet (Custom fit and built... Kudos to Cody)

And as always, Kudos to Craigers.

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I picked driver because I hit a lot of fairways.  I would have picked wedges if the question specified full shots.  I'm a little shaky on shots under 70 yards, but am very confident with gap through lob wedge on full swings.

14 of the following:

Ping G430 Max 10.5 degree

Callaway 2023 Big Bertha 3 wood set to 17 degrees

Cobra F9 Speedback 7/8 wood set at 23.5 degrees

Callaway Epic Max 11 wood

PXG 0211ST 6-GW

Mizuno 923 JPX HM HL 6-GW

MacGregor MT-86 OS 5-PW with Callaway Apex DCB gap wedge

Hogan sand wedge 56 degree bent to 53

Maltby M Series+ 54 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 58 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 60 degree

Evnroll ER2

Ping Sigma 2 Anser

Cheap Top Flite mallet putter from Dick's, currently holding down first place in the bag

TaylorMade Mini Spider

Bridgestone XS

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I was torn between my wedges and my putter.

I choose wedges.


I don’t hit the ball a long way anymore and I don’t hit a lot of greens either so I rely on my short game to score. 

I get up and down a lot! I choose wedges because I leave myself inside 5 feet quite a bit.



:callaway-small: XR Driver Matrix Ozik 8m3 Black Tie Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 3W UST Mamiya Chrome Elements 7F4 Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 5W UST Mamiya Chrome Elements 7F4 Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 4 Hybrid Graphite Designs Tour AD-HY 95 Shaft

PXG 0211 DC 5-PW Mitsubishi MMT 80 Shafts

:cleveland-small: RTX ZIPCORE 50*,54*,58* UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Shafts

:odyssey-small: Metal X Milled #7 with SuperStroke 2.0 grip

:Snell: MTB



Twitter: @timldotson
Instagram: timldotson
Facebook: TimDotson

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  • 2 weeks later...

I hold my wedges more than I hold my...never mind. 

I’ll deal with off the rack for whatever else. Not my wedges. 

Ping G410+, 9* with draw bias weight setting, 55g Alta CB stiff shaft

Taylormade Burner 3w, stiff shaft 

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal 4-GW, regular flex

Cleveland CBX2 54* wedge

Cleveland Smart Sole 58* wedge

Ping Scottsdale Piper C putter

Titleist Tour Speed balls

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Had to be driver for me as that is the club I feel is best fitted for me. I have hit other clubs in the bag off the rack and seem to be ok with them. Driver is the one club I think everyone would benefit most from being fit for! Especially me! I was averaging 240 off the tee before my fitting. Now I am averaging 265 off the tee and even hitting 300 yard bombs here and there. Definitely could not do that with my old driver!

Driver : :taylormade-small: SIM2 Max 9* MC Kuro Kago Silver 60 Stiff

Woods : :benhogan-small: GS53 3 Wood 14* Mitsubish Tensei Blue 73g Regular

Hybrids: sub70logo.png.3c207e4e90c1eeca7b9a917b5fa4b848.png 949X Project X HZRDUS RDX Black 

Irons : sub70logo.png.3c207e4e90c1eeca7b9a917b5fa4b848.png 699 Pro Black 5-AW 1* flat KBS Tour V 90 Stiff Shafts 

Wedges : File:Kirkland Signature logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons 52, 56, 60 

Putter : :taylormade-small:Spider Red

Bag : datrek-brand_1456761019__86876.original.jpg.7c24f9ae71c7730ce29a828226731487.jpg lightweight cart bag | motocaddy.jpg.258c0b46e60c2804fc6b1f64bca0aef3.jpgDry Series Bag

Ball :  :taylormade-small: TP5 PIX (2019) | Screen-Shot-2017-07-20-at-7_24.05-AM-300x118.png.9f1c4cb1d62511ee40a05bd6d5795f97.png ProV1x (2021)

Rangefinder : 836d5c8b9e44880db86abcd3b735255d.w2480_h836.jpg.bcd4050c642957abbdca7453a6cb0469.jpg ULT-X

Pushcart : motocaddy.jpg.258c0b46e60c2804fc6b1f64bca0aef3.jpgM5 GPS DHC Electric Push Cart

SoCal, USA

Right handed HDCP 16.4

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How are we defining "Generic, Off-the-rack clubs"? Is it what you would grab off the wall at a big box store from one of the major brands, or are we talking a box set?

Either way, my putter's the choice, I'm just wondering if I'd be getting a club upgrade for the rest of my bag out of the deal.

3W: Top Flite
Putter: :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab Rossie
Ball: :taylormade-small: TP5

The rest of the bag is an old Acuity box set. It all goes around on a BagBoy Nitron push cart.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Everything in my bag, including the bag, is off the rack, and I mean off the budget bin rack!  So I'd really be thrilled with any replacements.

Driver: :cobra-small: Cobra RADSpeed XB 10.5° Motore X F3

Fairway: :cobra-small: Cobra 3/F Baffler Rail F 15.5°

Hybrid: :cobra-small: Cobra RAD Speed 24° 5 Hybrid

Irons: :cobra-small: Cobra Aero Jet 5 - PW, GW

Wedges: :vokey-small: Spin Milled 56°, 60°

Putter: :odyssey-small: White Hot Stroke Lab OG #7

Bag: 1622150773421.jpg.867df9e5987ee9b79cc36f4c70090b01.jpg Big Max 14.0 Hybrid

Ball: :titleist-small: Titleist Velocity

Shoes: :footjoy-small: FJ Flex

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This is close between my M6 driver and 58* Vokey with 4* of bounce. I'm so dialed in with my driver that giving me a club off the shelf would be a disaster off the tee. As for the 58*, I'm just money with it. I can hit any shot needed under 75 yards and really do well. I rarely blade it and it is my go to club unless I really need something esle (62* flop or 52* punch and run).

TaylorMade M6 10.5 (Sleeve @ 9.0) - PX HZRDUS Evenflow Black 75 (6.5) (Tipped 1in)

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Rescue 2-17 - PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX HY (6.5) (Tipped addl. .5in + .25in short)

TaylorMade Sim2 Rescue 4-22 (Sleeve @ 20.5) - PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX HY (6.5) (Tipped addl. .5in + .25in short)

2021 Callaway Apex Pro (4-PW) - DG X100

Sub70 286 Forged 50*-10 / 54*-12 (Black) - DG S400

Sub70 JB Forged 58*-06 (Black) - DG X100

Wilson Buckingham Infinite Putter - SuperStroke Traxion Claw (Cut to 33.5in)

Primary Ball: Rotation (Snell MTB-X, 2019 Left Dash, 2021 Pro-V1)

Wilson Staff Tour Bag

BagBoy Nitron Push Cart

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Driver. No hesitation. For some reason, I am really sensitive to changes in the driver. When friends get new clubs, I have no problems hitting a few shots on the range and striping some iron shots. I routinely switch around putters for fun. I have a favorite but have no statistical data that says I putt any better with it. I've got 2 different 60 degree lob wedges I use. One is 6 bounce and the other is 12 and I'm not sure which one I like better. I've got 2 different gap wedges I'll switch out because I am not sure if I like the set wedge or not. And I have another wedge set where sometimes I play 56/60 and other times 54/58 just to test things out. I don't think it really matters.

But driver. Give me your new shiny club and I will top it, hit wild hooks, low cuts, high slice and pretty much hit every spot on the face except the middle. Give me a driver that I've never hit before on a tee box with pressure and I will consider just hitting the face and advancing the ball more than 150 yards an accomplishment. 




  • Driver: PING G400 MAX, Ventus Blue 6x
  • Woods: COBRA F6 Baffler AD DI 8S
  • Hybrid: CALLAWAY Apex Pro, Ventus Blue 8s
  • Irons: SRIXON ZX5 mk2 5-6, ZX7 mk2 7-PW, Modus 120x
  • Wedges: EDEL 50 C grind, 54 V grind, CLEVELAND 60 RTX6 Low
  • Putter: YES Abbie!
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my old Odyssey Dual Force 992 putter. It was my first real putter purchase. Bought it new in like 95 or 96 and has been in and out of my bag ever since. 

Tour Edge Exotics Driver

Tour Edge Exotics Hybrids

Precept Tour Premium CB Irons 5-PW

Nickent Arc Wedges 50-54-58

Nickent Tour Prototype MP/03, Cleveland VP Milled #2, Cameron Select Newport 2.5, Cameron California Napa 

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I was going to pick my "old trusty" 3w, just never leaves my bag - never been able to find something to kick it out. It defends itself with a tenacious passion so given that I'm going to say "Wedges" - my Glide 3.0 54* is just such a goto club. It gets me out of trouble and is great for attacking the green with a variety of shots; full, partial, low punch, flops and gives me all the confidence I need in the sand. In all honesty close call between the 54* and 58*.

I tried a few other brands when looking to replace my Vokeys and the Glide 3.0 just kicked ass over the RTX4 and the MD4; both great wedges to be true, but the Ping inspired confidence.

The Pings are going nowhere without a fight.

:tour-edge: C721 9.5 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge: C721 15 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge: C721 18 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX
:tour-edge:EXS220 22 Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black
:tour-edge: EXS Pro Forged 5-PW True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 Stiff
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 50/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 54/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:ping-small: Glide 4.0 58/SS True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 X Stiff (8i shaft)
:mizuno-small: M-Craft VI with BGT Stability shaft and Super Stroke Zenergy XL Flatso 2.0 (25g CounterCore weight)
seed.png.34e6908c56b2f4a28f3511fa62a86f0d.png SD-01 ball 

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  • 2 months later...

Wedges, specifically my 47° Cleveland. Inside 120, my confidence in hitting the green expands exponentially. Everything leading up to this is advancement of the ball towards the hole. Driver and woods aren't that vital to my game mentality. Would be hard to part with my Titleist C16 irons, but not my wedges 


Golf is challenging, R U doing the work...or hoping 4 different outcomes?

Titleist C16 irons

Vokey 55°, 60° wedges

Cleveland 50°, 46° wedges

Ping Sigma2 41 inch putter

Titleist D2 driver, 904 / 908 3 and 5 wood 

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Definitely, l'd keep the mid/short irons; the others I can eliminate or work-arohnd


Driver:    :tour-edge: E523. Offset. A-Light. 12’

Fairway: :callaway-logo-1:  Big Bertha. A-Light. 16.0’

Hybrid:    :tour-edge:  E523. Offset. A-Light. 4H-22’

Hybrid:    :tour-edge:  E523. Offset. A-Light. 5H-25’

Irons:        :callaway-logo-1:  Big Bertha. A-Light. 6-7-8-9-PW-AW.

Wedge:    :cleveland-small: CBX-Zipcore. Wedge. 50’

Wedge:     :cleveland-small: CBX-Zipcore. Wedge. 54’

Putter:        :taylormade-small:Spider. Tour III

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On 5/19/2021 at 8:46 AM, jlukes said:

My 3 wood. My G410LST 3W has shown me why so many PGA Tour players rarely change their 3W. 

Once you find the one you can trust off the tee and the deck you should never let it go.  I have that in the G410LST. Confidence every time I look down at it 

The 3W is the club I’m most worried about going into CC5

I have to agree, my F9 with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue regular flex seems to be the perfect balance for me. Never was any good at hitting a 3 wood off the deck, until now.

Cobra F9 driver and 3 wood, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue regular flex 60 shafts in both. PXG 5 wood, Diamana S+ regular flex 60 shaft. Ben Hogan 4-PW irons, regular flex Recoil shafts, 70g. Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges, 48, 52, and 56 degrees, Recoil shafts. Scotty Cameron Futura 5S putter. Ping Pioneer bag. Garmin G80 range finder. Maxfli tour golf balls. 

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