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Made by Hogan Himself

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A week or so ago, I met a man who worked with Hogan. He has a few sets of clubs made by Hogan himself, not by the Hogan company, by Hogan! He has promised me a club, I'm to call him if I don't hear from him by Monday.  I know which club is going to be my favorite club from Monday on. 

Hit 'em straight.

Pebble Beach Practice Facility Regular

Bag Boy Push cart from Craigslist

Used clubs of various types

Snell MTB Black and X (Discovered on MGS)

Sqairz Shoes (Discoverd on MGS)

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Would be interested to hear a name if he claims to have worked with Hogan. Most of the people who did have since passed.

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Mizuno Pro Model - E. Tour AD VR

Callaway XR 3W 15* 565 Speeder 

Ping G30 5W 18* 757 Speeder

Hogan Apex 99 blades 4-E, KBS Tour CT Limited

Hogan VKTR 21* hybrid 
Hogan EQ wedges. 50*, 56*. 
Hogan Bettinardi BHB5*SS
Snell MTBX

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