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Ping TR Cadence Mid Ketsch Heavy

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Have been going back and forth through putters lately and performed well enough with this Ping I shouldn't have sold it but I did.

What I liked: Loved the weight of the head (375g).  I like a heavier putter, I feel like I make a smoother stroke with it.

What could have been better: I wish the white alignment stripe was wider. It was ok as is, but part of the reason I switched to a 2 ball was the alignment.

I also prefer the feel of an insert.  Something I didn't really realize until I tried an insert.

How well did it get the ball in the hole??  For me, actually pretty well, I wish I still had it!  Even though I liked the insert feel in my Odyssey, I miss the weightier head, and I had more find the bottom of the cup with the Ping!


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Putter: Ping Mid Ketsch Heavy

Ball: Snell MTB Black

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