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Transferring BGT Stability Shaft

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Good morning all, 

Under lock down for a week, so getting some hobby jobs done.

Preordered the Cobra Agera armlock for a mallet over the current Armlock blade. 

The Agera has a single bend shaft, my blade had a plumber's neck. 

Been trying to separate the black insert (Heat method) so I can use the Stability Shaft on the Agera. 

All I've achieved is pulling what I now know to be the red insert. Then tried to separate the red and black, no luck, just scratching the paint job. 


Any ideas? 



:cobra-small: King SZ Xtreme 7.5*, Accra FX100 M3 44" 2g weight + 10g Heel Tape
:cobra-small: King Big Tour 3-Wood 12.5*, Accra FX100 M3 42.5"
:cobra-small: F9+ 17.5*, Accra FX100 M3 40.5"/ :cobra-small: Utility Iron 2 @ 17.5* 39.25:
:cobra-small: King F8 OL 4-7, KBS Tour 90 Regular 36"
:cobra-small: King F8 OL 8-PW, KBS Tour 105 Regular 36"
:cobra-small: King F8 OL GW-LW KBS 610 Wedge Regular 36"

Lajosi-White2.jpg Custom DD201WB Armlock (450g, 8*, 72* Upright, 40"), BGT Stability Shaft
 :bridgestone-small: 2021 e12 Contact


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I would probably just shoot those guys a message. They were really helpful with questions i have had in the past.

Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue Sub Zero 10.5* Oban Kiyoshi Gold tipped 1" 44.5" NDMC Mid

4w: :callaway-small: Epic flash Oban Kiyoshi Gold tipped 2" 42.5" NDMC Mid

3-PW: :mizuno-small:  MP-18, 3i FLYhi MMC, 4-6i MMC, 7-PW MB, KBS C-taper Lite X-stiff NDMC Mid

Wedges: :titelist-small:  SM7 49*F, 54*D, 59*M KBS C-taper Lite X-stiff NDMC Mid

Putter:  Lajosi Sensor Breakthrough Golf Tour Stability Shaft 34" SuperStroke GTR 1.0

Ball: :Snell:MTB-X

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