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Is the golf swing intuitive to you?

Is the golf swing intuitive to you?   

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  1. 1. Is the golf swing intuitive to you?

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For me, golf is on a par with billiards in terms of difficulty. That's because these two games don't seem as simple at first glance as we imagine them to be. The most difficult thing in golf is to train a very clear and accurate golf swing. To learn how to hit in golf correctly, you need to train a lot and try a lot of tactics to understand how the technique of hitting works. Also in this sport there is a huge number of clubs, each of them plays a huge role and you need to use them correctly. You need to know which stick is needed for which moment. When a friend told me about it for the first time, my head almost exploded from all this complex information.

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It felt like it just made sense to me however I am going to throw a distinction in there that intuitive does not mean proficient or exceptional.

There are plenty of golfers with natural talent who "get-it" however cannot break 80 or 75.  

Some of the best instructors I know are not exactly scratch golfers (one took 4 attempts to pass his PAT) however his grasp of the game is 2nd to none.

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I think when I was younger. And had a motion at the time that gave me adequate distance. Now that I’ve aged gracefully… my timing just hasn’t been there distance wise. So I took the route of lessons. Which I’ve found has been a complete rebuilding of my swing. I think the older we age. Swings that may have some flaws catch up to us. I’ve found out that it was many areas that needed changing in order to be competitive for as long as possible. True we can move up tee markers. But who really wants to play the super senior tees that are shorter than the lady tees? For me the whites is as short as I will go

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My swing is intuitive, but that doesn't mean it's good or consistent...

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I'd say aspects of my swing are intuitive and natural, especially with my wedges. That includes a fairly square stance, accelerating through my downswing, weight transition etc. It's why I use baseball swings as part of my warmups. 

However, there are aspects that feel so freaking awkward that I need to tell myself to remember them before my round. 

I think it just comes down to each person and their respective backgrounds. 

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My swing is basically homemade. I taught myself the game, watching the pros on TV, reading golf magazines, spending a LOT of time on the range, with a lesson or two thrown in. Used to slice driver and woods something awful when I started. Never really had a "fast" swing, as my swing speed has been measured at only about 80 mph, but have been told I have nice "tempo" back to front. I have been complimented many times on my swing, and that it doesn't look labored, or that I'm trying to do something unorthodox. I just wish I could be "more" consistent, especially out of the tee box. My swing has gotten a lot shorter these days, due to age(65), and arthritis, limiting turn at the top of my backswing. So, I make it work. Stretching helps, but I just play with what I have, using whatever tech I think helps me get some distance on the ball. I can carry my driver on average 220-230 on good days, partly because I play a 2 piece distance ball, as I have a hard time playing 3 piece offerings that spin too much for me off the tee. My swing feels natural, and I stay within myself, never trying to "get one out there" for distance sake. Laying up because of hazards is what I do, instead of hitting the "trouble" shot if I were to go for it, adding strokes to the scorecard. Staying in the fairway is my mantra! It took me quite a few years to develope a good, working wedge game, especially greenside chips. Playing "smart" golf keeps the score down, and I don't lose as many golfballs.

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