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Right now on my Android phone I use the SwingU app. Rather than spend several $100 on a golf watch I would rather buy smart watch and download the SwingU app app to it. At my skill level the SwingU app is sufficient on my phone I use it for score keeping, distance to green and distance to hazards. Anybody have any experience using the SwingU on a smart watch or any experience using apps for golf on a smart watch? Any recommendations on a Android smartwatch?

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I use SwingU, have for about 4years and like the fact I can review all my rounds and stats I don't look very often as it depresses me!!  Anyway I've tried the app on my Iphone and don't like it for a couple of reasons. One is I have my phone mounted in the cart right in front of me so it's much easier just using the phone and when I did try it I had to bring up the app on the phone and it would give you the info needed but say I'm on a hole and use it for my second shot and then get ready to hit my 3rd the watch has defaulted back to a watch and you have pull up the app again. or it wouldn't stay on the hole. that was a deal breaker for me. Also if you do use the watch I believe you have to have phone in your pocket as the BT only goes a little ways

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