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Yamaha AR-1 All-Round Irons

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Yamaha clubs were sold in the US market some 30 years ago or so. As I remember they tried to buck the system, when everybody else was coming out with titanium, Yamaha went with heads made out of graphite for both their "woods" and "irons". The graphite head "iron" did have a sole made out of stainless steel though, my understanding is that the face didn't hold up very well to the constant impact with ball and turf. After a period of time they left to US market. I'm not familiar with the AR-1 model, looks like your standard blade, if you're looking to buy a used set I wouldn't go more than $90.00 to a $ 100.00 for them.

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2 hours ago, Golfgirl8350 said:

Yamaha golf clubs are apparently very well known in Japan. Not sold here. Google them for more info.

There is absolutely nothing on google about them lol


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Thanks for the help, I got these clubs at a yard sale a couple weeks back, and since I haven't been able to find anything on this set.

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