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TITLEIST to add new lofts to 910 woods

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By David Connor, TG Equipment Editor

Gear News

26 October 2011 09:00


Titleist have added three new lofts to their 910 range of woods to cater for golfers with low to moderate swing speeds.


As part of what the company call the Moderate Swing Speed Initiative, they have added a 12 degree option to the 910 D2 driver as well as a 21 degree option in the 910F and a 27 degree loft in the 910H.


This is designed to help serious golfers who don't have a high enough swing speed to fully maximise the previous lofts on the woods and instead had to look elsewhere for a fitting or make do with the best previous loft Titleist could supply.


Previously the highest loft available in the 910 D2 driver was 10.5 degrees, which could be turned into 12 degrees using the adjustable SureFit Hosel. Now, the 12 degree head gives fitters the option of fitting a driver with anything up to 13.5 degrees of loft, giving golfers with moderate swing speeds the ability to launch the ball higher with optimimum spin rates to increase overall distance.


The new lofts are not available to buy off the shelf and can only be bought as a custom-fitting option

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Thumbs up to Titleist for offering more lofts, but a GIANT thumbs down for the utter stupidity of making this part of a "Moderate Swing Speed Initiative." I was recently fit into a 12* driver because of my angle of attack, not because of my swing speed. Now, personally, I don't care what the loft on my driver is, but the vast majority of the people I fit do care: they equate low loft to masculinity and high clubhead speed. Titleist is only furthering this stupidity.


Sorry for the rant, but every time I see this press release it makes my blood boil. It's hard enough getting people to play the best equipment for their game without crap like this.

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I was using a Cobra S2 with 10.5 degree loft, Reg shaft.....and, after some lessons with golfTec, I was encouraged to switch to a higher loft, to increase my launch angle.......I picked up a Cobra S2 11.5 degree, Reg shaft on ebay for $40.



Before GolfTec, I had a SS of 87 mph.........now it is 95 mph.


I did not equate my moderate SS to the Driver loft....but my FIR increased from 7/14 to 10/14.


Thanks GolfTec


But Titleist should not be banking on it as a "Moderate Swing Speed Initiative"

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What about 7.5* in the drivers? The tour gets them. And some people, like me, who throws moonshots with everything they get put in, need something that low.

"Never criticize anyone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you'll be a mile away and you have their shoes."

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